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  1. Big Rat

    Pitbulls turn on their Phoenix family - mom, dad and son attacked

    Jip. Never will a family admit, 'Oh, we treated the dog like ****, and we are not surprised it bit us, were waiting for it.' No No. it is ALWAYS that the family treated it right, such a good doggie blah blah. Meanwhile the whip lies in plain sight, dog is frothing around the mouth and is fed 2...
  2. Big Rat

    Pitbulls turn on their Phoenix family - mom, dad and son attacked

    This is a sensitive issue for me, i had 2 pittbulls in my life, absolutely loved them to bits, great temperament with children, loving and absolutely goofballs. Can they have an offday, pain somewhere, being startled or what ever and bite you. absolutely. The same goes for poodle, pomeranian...
  3. Big Rat

    'It’s hell to live like this' - life in Mitchells Plain, where residents fill potholes themselves

    But if the improvement and fixes cost R5 000 000, we know by know it will be inflated by corruption to R15 000 000. And we know the tax base only brings in R4 000 000. So what do you do? The bit of money that comes in cannot pay for everything. SO you prioritise. And those priorities should...
  4. Big Rat

    The Mazda CX-3 Thread

    I had to choose between the cx-3 and a hyundai Kona 2.0. At the end of the day the Kona won me over. The cx-3 just too bland, even in that red of mazda., the cx-30 is better, but a bit low for me, i want a bit higher drive, road conditions and being a big lad. Cost wide the cx30 was a bit too...
  5. Big Rat

    'It’s hell to live like this' - life in Mitchells Plain, where residents fill potholes themselves

    Workers are afraid to go into that area. get robbed, shot at. you fix this road, but the people want THAT road fixed first, bam, guns ans crap flies. Then the poor people who wants a normal life get the short end of the stick as per usual. That is life on the flats...
  6. Big Rat

    Pietermaritzburg homeowner charged with murder of a suspected intruder

    You all make is sound so easy to take a life. question, who here has shot and killed an intruder before??? No matter of you are in the right or wrong, it sticks to you.
  7. Big Rat

    2018 Hyundai Kona

    liked the older version's styling a bit more. This got smoothed out and blanded up
  8. Big Rat

    Scale modelling

    My tirpitz looked like that. that dazzle paint was a bastard, lot of taping and spraying involved. My bismarck looks like that too, only need to finish the funnel section. That darkened stern and bow, with the white behind it. The idea was that the darkened section would be invissible to the...
  9. Big Rat

    Who to sue small claims court

    How does this affect you? Did you get penalized by him not paying or what? Just trying to see the reason you want to sue. The who is dependant on why you want to sue.
  10. Big Rat

    Scale modelling

    My bismarck built is a bit stalled at the moment, but many enjoyable hours sitting hunched over the bench. The color schema and patterns really impressive, especially if you get the meaning behind it. There is a theory that with the bismarck having it's 'smallship' paint on, that the hood and...
  11. Big Rat

    Renewing drivers license in Cape Town (Durbanville)

    The test is easy, pick a red dot that shines. so no worries. If you cannot see the dot appear you really should not be driving :ROFL: for driver renewal it is a few ticks on the form, less than a minute. And remember a proof of residence letter.. And not the notice they mailed you. Did mine Mid...
  12. Big Rat

    Fuel consumption

    2021 Hyundai Kona with 6700km town driving is 7.6/100km highway at 120kph with aircon 6.4. doen three trips of 150km up the west coast 6.4, 6.5, and a 6.6, the higer figures was really bad traffic and trucks. Done 2000km since i got it, sitting at 7,4l/100km
  13. Big Rat

    I'm drunk!

    Ahh, but you do not strike me as the chap who would have washed the carpets... so stain remains
  14. Big Rat

    I'm drunk!

    Need to make funky selling salespitch... House of a thousand piss stains, children not included.
  15. Big Rat

    Girlfriend killer who was out on parole arrested again for allegedly murdering new partner

    I can only assume that the sentence was 20 - 25 years (life?) and after 8 years he received parole. I know it is not what they say here, but it sound logically a bit better than 8 years sentences, being on parole now. his full sentence would have been completed in 2017 already, so no more...
  16. Big Rat

    A day in the life of a tow truck driver

    Hmm, and what about throwing diesel on the road to cause an accident? Or, turning the robot's head 90deg so that the red side see's a green light and drive through. With my dad in the flying squad these are to examples we have seen quite few times. Arrested the oak who turned the robot...
  17. Big Rat

    Worst Vehicle Drivers - Highways

    Ahh, but that is because people go onto the slipway to just go push in at the front, so left lanes seems to move better
  18. Big Rat

    Idler pulley price

    You're right sorry, misread your question. Yeah, they push the belt into a shape that gives the most contact with each wheel that needs to be driven. Aircon for example is a tight wheel to drive, need much contact as possible there. Only reason i can think of.
  19. Big Rat

    'Colonialist mentality.' Fury over UK refusal to recognise vaccinations done in SA, India

    Given out corruption levels, i would be hesitant to accept a document stating someone from South Africa had his jabs. Can be fraudulently bought easily enough.
  20. Big Rat

    Idler pulley price

    Keeping the belt tight so it does not wobble about and screetch. Also, as the belt ages it stetches ever so slighty. tensioner keeps it tight for those old belt. Lastly, as the revs climbs that belt has a bit of stretch in them, the tensioner will keep that at bay as well.