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    Frogfoot/ RSA Web any good?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what the general consensus of Frogfoot and RSA Web is? Reason being is that they have a 1000mb up and 1000mb down package for R1497 in my area whereas I’m currently paying around R1k for my VOX/ Openserve capped account - which I really cannot complain about...
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    Ford Ranger Raptor

    Hi Guys, I'm considering getting a Ford Ranger Raptor, I was wondering if there is anyone on here who has one and can help me with some real life SA stats like fuel economy, insurance estimates, personal reviews of it etc? Due to the nature of my work and my interests in getting into off...
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    Internet outage?

    Is anyone else having connectivity issues with Openserve and Vox this evening? (Pretoria East) I cant connect to anything.