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  1. Amine

    DStv Wi-Fi connect issue

    Hello everyone I have a technical difficulty connecting my DSTV wifi connect to my home wifi. I'm not sure if you are familiar with a Mesh wifi system, it's more than one device/unit communicating together to create a large range of wifi coverage and it is made to do that, i'm using (TP-LINK...
  2. Amine

    RocketNet or Home-Connect ISP on MetroFiber Networx

    Hello Everyone I'm about to sign up with one of these two ISPs, they are both around R1200 for 100/100 Mbps. in HelloPetter Home-Connect has 4 starts with TrustIndex of 7.9, ranking #3 as Internet Service Provider while RocketNet has 3 starts with TrustIndex 4.4, ranking #8 as Internet Service...
  3. Amine

    Calix GigaCenter ONT / Router

    Hello Everyone I just want to know if anyone here experienced or know about the ONT / Router called Calix GigaCenter 844G-2 that MetroFiber supplies to their customers ?
  4. Amine

    Choosing the Mesh Wifi device

    Hello Everyone I’m trying to get a whole home wifi and there is nothing better than mesh system, but my problem is to choose between the consumer product in the market, i have selected two but i want to know if someone have tried one of them or experienced it 1- TP-LINK DECO M9+ 2- ASUS LYRA...
  5. Amine

    Choosing an ISP

    Hello guys I’m having a hard time to choose the proper ISP, the 3 ISP i have picked are 1-RocketNet 2-Coolideas 3-Home-Connect Knowing that the Infrastructure provider is MetroFiber. Do you guys have any experience with any of the mentioned ISPs, or any suggestions and advice Kind regards Amine
  6. Amine

    MetroFiber, Cool ideas or Cell©

    Hello Everybody Trust you are all well, i have a little confusion and i want to clear it. in our state/complex they had an open day for ISPs and everyone tried hard to be better the others out all of them i have picked 3 for uncapped unshaped services. 1st one is MetroFiber which is the...