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    MultiChoice launches DStv Internet with MTN

    I give it 6 months whatever it is then it has to be scrapped.
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    88% of the network equipment used at Home Affairs offices is obsolete

    heard a story from a colleague of mine that he was meant to get scans for x-ray at a public clinic but the pc was not working for months. Turns out the network cable was missing he could see this. He bought a cable and saved people from waiting months for there x-rays.
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    Steam Deck unveiled

    Wowzer good move since mobile games are becoming more popular dare I say it contemplating between this or a new GPU now.
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    Goodbye Eskom — how much it costs to go off-grid

    I'm curious to know are your board of trustees against going off the grid what is the reason that you not able to install besides it being a complex? Just curious as I to stay in a complex however we have two houses in our complex that has already gone off the grid.
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    SA Post Office parcel scam warning

    Ordered from wish now il be expecting my parcel a year from now.
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    How much the monthly payments are on a new Hyundai i20

    wowzer for an i20. Nice car but for an i20 geeeez
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    Weekly tech specials from Takealot and Incredible Connection

    GPU prices are just insane due to the shortage
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    I replaced my old Microsoft keyboard with a new Apple model

    no ways I would rather get a mechanical keyboard.
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    Apple announces powerful new iMac

    I'd rather buy a GPU
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    R497 per month for uncapped 30Mbps fibre from Afrihost

    I guess its fine yeah if you not uploading to ftp or doing online gaming at least the prices are going down unlike Vuma.
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    R497 per month for uncapped 30Mbps fibre from Afrihost

    upload 3mb and 5mb ? why o why
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    The impressive performance of SA's top ISP

    Excellent! I made the right move going with Cool-Ideas.
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    Nedbank Giveaway - R1,000 cash up for grabs - Enter here

    Flexible finance for your business Obtain funding to unlock growth or bridge short-term cashflow needs.
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    Vumatel drops cheapest fibre packages

    What about the Vuma reach deal? will this also be increasing?