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    Never knew you kept paying for handset after upgrade..

    Okay so maybe I'm just stupid but after it was officially my upgrade time I got a new phone, and lets say the "price" is R449. Your new subscription. All of a sudden my bill jumps up with a few hundred. So what it seems is Vodacom is charging the new contract, plus what seems to be the old...
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    S5 issues that users want to warn potential buyers about

    Hi there, I am unfortunately not yet a S5 owner, but want to get it ASAP ie, when the blue ones arrive. So what I'm asking is are there any problems experienced by the ones who already got the S5's. If so what is it or has it just been a good experience. Or maybe something on it is a...
  3. J

    Where is Android 4.3 for our S3?

    So far no updates to SA Galaxy s3's ... what's up? Stuck on 4.1.2 for almost a year now. Now I know it was buggy, but seriously, can they not hurry it up? By this tempo we'll be upgrading our contracts before an update ever reaches the phone!
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    On what software version is the TAB 2 7.0 in SA?

    I want to know what version of Android is officially running on the Tab 2 7 inch in South Africa? I it on 4.1.1 yet? My sister is getting it and I would like to see if it at least gets updates...
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    Sudden Death Syndrome on Galaxy S3

    So my phone is 13 months old and there it goes in the afternoon just dead. I thought okay, maybe I should try a different battery. And I did, but the phone wouldn't come on. It also didn't charge. When I searched about this I could find out as lot of S3's just died from some sort of defective...