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    Huge Frame Drops - Overwatch

    Good Day Forum. Recently started to experience insane frame drops during Overwatch gameplay. I have noticed that when my frames drop there is a reduction in fan speed. GPU, MB & External case fans? Current Setup: Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 4670 @...
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    Can you renew your License Disc at Spar?

    Saw a sign at the sunninghill Spar that you can renew your license disc, but I have heard contradicting versions of what is required in order to do so. In some cases it’s your renewal form, ID Book/Card and others just the previous years License Form & Drivers license.
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    Rendering Device Lost - OVERWATCH

    Right, so I have been getting this error recently (See image). What happens is, usually during play, the game will freeze and then show this error. It will then automatically close the game. I have been getting this error ever since the latest Doomfist patch for the game. Research has...
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    Laptop Not shutting down/Sleeping properly

    Good day forum. This has been a pain for the last two months. Here is the just of it-> Did a clean install of Windows 10 on my Acer Extenza Laptop. All normal windows function perfectly apart from one. When I try to enter sleep mode or shutdown the power light remains on. Previously, it...
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    Lonehill Fibre

    Gooday forum, Since the rollout of fibre in areas around JHB, I have been dying to get my hands on a package that exceeds the 4meg prison which grips the outdated area infrastructure. Anyone who has utilized the ADSL service will know the headache that comes with this limitation. A few...