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    Buying a grey import from Junkmail - Thoughts?

    Hi Guys, So I can buy a Galaxy S3 sealed in the box, when I called the guy I asked if it was local stock and he said no it was grey stock but it's sealed in the box. What are the pro's and con's of buying this phone? Surely it's just like the real thing only it's not covered by warranty...
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    Debt Consolidation

    Hi Guys, I'm asking for advice on behalf of my parents. They have around R120 000 in Credit Card Debt as well as R106 000 Car Residual they now need to pay. However, their Home loan is only at R95 000 but originally registered at R200 000. After a bit of research its quite clear that if...
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    Fax to email and Vice-versa

    Hi Guys, Im starting a small business and at the moment i do not have offices and so cannot get a stable fax line in. Iv been looking at Fax to email, i see alot of companies offer this service free, that makes no sense? Is it some sort of scam? Is it really that good? I see you pay for...
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    Looking for a lawyer

    Hey Guys, Im hosting an Exhibition this year, it is my first exhibition. Iv got an exhibition manager in place to handle the actual show and a sales team etc. However, i need a lawyer to look through the venue contract and then draw up a contract for exhibitors. Can anybody recommend a...
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    How to register a new company?? Please help

    Hi Guys, I’m a 21 year old student at Wits studying a BSC Property Studies. I’ve got a very entrepreneurial mind and drive and have a successful events company that I just run as a sole proprietor. Anyway iv recently had a great idea for an expo and iv met with all the parties involved as...
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    iPhone 4S/5 Announcement Tomorrow (4Oct 7PM) - Live blog HERE!

    How long til we get the new release here do you guys estimate?
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    iPhone 4S/5 Announcement Tomorrow (4Oct 7PM) - Live blog HERE!

    Cant wait for this. Even though i just got my Galaxy SII yesterday.
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    Hey Guys! Im a newbie here, hope you guys can help me out! Im in the market for a smartphone (My first! Weird i know) and been doing some research and this Motorola MB525 on red bull mobile 200 seems the best deal in town! Especially now that there is an update to android 2.2. And being 21...
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    Motorola MB525 VS HTC Desire White VS Galaxy Ace??

    Hey Guys! I’m not too sure where to post this! I’m a newbie to the site and to the Smartphone world, but I’ve been doing my research! After a long hard 2 years with Virgin Mobile I have cancelled my contract and I’m free to choose a new phone and contract of my choice! :-) I’ve pretty much...