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    Iphone 4 (16G) - R6,999.99 on Vodacom Prepaid

    Available from incredible connection. This is the first time i have seen the Iphone offered as a pre-paid package. Its on the last page. Any Comments... Would you pay that? Edit: Actually looks pretty competitive...
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    Apple delays white iPhone 4 :(
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    MTN Apple Deals? - Is it me..or do these deals look new... Mtn never offered 3Gs? :wtf::confused:
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    Iphone 4 (16G) - R7,499.99 is it worth it?

    Worth it... Anyone got any better cash deals? :o
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    So now that you've got a Iphone 4..Are you happy with it?

    :o Yes?:D No?:( Makes no difference?:o Didn't get one?:wtf: Gripes?:cry: