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  1. FaSMaN

    Should I upgrade now or wait for GPU prices to drop?

    Hi everyone I noticed recently that prices on GPUs have come down a tiny bit, I am looking at getting a Palit Geforce 3060ti for ~R12000 , with some money I got from twitch subs, its still way more expensive than the RRP at $399 and for a Palit branded card so I am on the fence with it. I...
  2. FaSMaN

    Issues ordering from Amazon using Standard Bank?

    Hi Everyone So I recently purchased a Oculus Rift 2 from Amazon and when the payment came trough earlier today, got the standard bank confirmation sms sent Y to allow payment, logged onto Amazon and it did not go trough on Amazon , their site simply displays the generic your payment couldn't...
  3. FaSMaN

    Phone contract upgrades during lockdown?

    Hi guys Having some problems figuring out what Telkom is doing in regards to phone upgrades during lockdown, are their physical stores open now that it's level 4 (ICT is allowed to operate), does the upgrade via their website work? Also noticed that *180# and *123# seems to be broken as you...
  4. FaSMaN

    Vox and Vumatel installation time?

    How long did you wait for Vox to install a vumatel fiber line more or less? They seem pretty slow took two days just to verify the rica documents I sent them, and it just says "authorizing" since I registered, no idea what that means.
  5. FaSMaN

    Anyobe using accelerit fiber (Vumatel)?

    Good morning everyone I am going to be moving house soon the house is covered by Vumatel (not great I know) , I need a connection with a big upload speed for Streaming, sadly my current provider (Web Africa Openserve) doesn't offer any such connection with Vumatel, with what appears to be a...
  6. FaSMaN

    Contact for local Dell representative?

    Does anyone have a email for a local Dell repreentative, my understanding that they do have a few in SA aswell as a Dell CEO (Stewart van Graan)? I have been having a uphill battle with dells customer service that is based in india, this seems to be the only contact available and their team has...
  7. FaSMaN

    Possible stolen identity - Need credit check

    Hi Everyone I hope this is the right place to post, but I believe that my identity might have been stolen and some one purchased a house in the northwest with my name, is there any good places to do a credit check online and see if everything is okay? Kind Regards
  8. FaSMaN

    Sunday Times, article on comic con/cosplay.

    On Sunday, the Sunday times released a article on comic con, the article negatively portraying the event and the attendees opening with: The article then goes on to fat shame some of the cosplayers, taking photos without permission and accusing geeks to be "Too Polite": Read more...
  9. FaSMaN

    Sony Announces the Playstation Classic (Mini Playstation1)

    Sony just recently announced its own version of the Nes/Snes Mini, a mini version of the PlayStation 1. It is expected to retail for $99 , comes with two controllers, and includes 20 games. Confirmed games so far: Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4. The device is set to...