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    Are all tempered glass screen protectors equal? iPhone 6s

    Are all tempered glass screen protectors equal? Which one do you have? These ones fine?
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    Best iPhone 6s covers? What do you have?

    And go. The Apple leather cover is lovely, stock is an issue locally though. Any good aluminium covers? Loved my Cooler Master iPhone 5/5s aluminium bumper -
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    What is a good cash price for an iPhone 6s 128GB?

    Hi all I may just upgrade today. What would a good cash price be for an iPhone 6s 128GB? Amazon's discounted price is $920 which works out to R13,200. That would be a US warranty too. Would R13,000 for local stock be good for me?
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    Apple iPhone 6s enters production Video: Holding thumbs for a 6s mini.
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    Stormers vs Brumbies stream in the U.S.?

    Hi all Possible to stream the Stormers vs Brumbies game in the U.S.? Thanks in advance.
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    Best iPad Mini Retina case?

    Hi all Please let me know which iPad Mini Retina cases you think are the best? For me, something slim and protective of the rear would be great. Doesn't need a flip cover. Wonder if there's something in aluminium like some iPhone covers?
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    Tapatalk alternative

    Hi all I've run out of patience with Tapatalk, are there any alternatives similar to how Tapatalk used to be when it was simple and easy to use? I can't believe how they've messed this app up over the past year or two, the new update is the nail in the coffin for me. Thanks.
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    iPhone 5/5S matte screen protector in Cape Town?

    Hi all Does anyone know where I can get a matte 5/5S screen protector in Cape Town? Will check Sable Square China Town later today. Thanks.
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    The Audi Thread

    *Edit* Thread title updated to The Audi Thread. ---- R100,000 budget - thoughts on Audi A4 2.0L B7? Hi all I started out looking out for a +-'08 VW Polo Classic, and soon realised they seem to hold their resale value very well. I noticed that a +-06 VW Golf/Jetta 5 was around 10% more...
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    Help please: iPad 1 - iTunes was unable to verify your iPhone.

    Hi all Need some help please! Had an iPad 1 16GB 3G, bought it second hand 2 years ago and I know it was from the USA. It came jailbroken on 5.1.1. Upgraded to an iPad 4G and restored from the iPad 1 backup. I then did a full erase via Settings - General etc. on the iPad 1 to clear it...
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    iPhone 5 wifi issues - steps to solve?

    Hi all My iPhone 5 seems to have wifi issues. Where my 4S and 3GS have full signal, the 5 will have 1 - 2 bars. Where the 4S/3GS have 2 bars, the 5 will have 0 - 1 bar. I can be on the other side of the wall where the router is, 2m away, and the reception will chop and change between 2 - 3...
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    Best "slider" case for iPhone 4?

    Hi all What's the best "slider" case for iPhone 4? These are the cases that have top and bottom pieces. I find they provide best protection without adding much bulk. Considering the Hard Candy Candy Slider, but at R330 it seems a bit expensive.
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    R2999/dual record HD PVR specials? Please post here

    Please post any specials on the R2999/dual record HD PVR here. (Personally I'm in Cape Town, and probably looking for the silver UEC one - heard it's best). Thanks. :)
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    Can one run two MSN Messengers/be logged in with two accounts?

    I want to create a new MSN account, but I have a feeling I can only use one at a time. Is there a way to use two? Would I just need to download a different client? Thanks. :)
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    Ff3 problem with UUNET FTP

    Hi all I can get in to /pub/incoming no problem, but as soon as I try go to a folder I get prompted for user name/password? anonymous/anonymous, guest/guest etc. don't work. Anyone else experiencing this, more importantly has anyone got a fix? Thanks. :)
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    Please give me a value for a second hand Apple Mac G5

    I'm selling this Mac. Here are the specs: Will upgrade...
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    Why don't 99% of YouTube videos load?

    Only some videos have been loading for a few months now. Not using a cache at the moment, but I think I've tried before - without any success. The "screen" remains black with the twirly loading icon constantly spinning. Everything else on the page loads, comments etc...
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    Intl. slow/down in Cape Town - SAIX

    Not sure if anyone else is affected? Any notices on the SAIX noticeboard?