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  1. tsume

    Nexus 5X - Network Issue

    For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing network issues with my Nexus 5X, I'm not sure if it's because of the last update that went out or if its my mobile provider (Telkom mobile). At random moments I'll be connected via LTE, and then the cross over the LTE appears meaning no...
  2. tsume

    Wait what is this?!'s the 2016 Audi A4! (B9)
  3. tsume

    Ford Figo Rear Speakers

    I have a 2013 Ford Figo. The Figo came with 2 front speakers. I'm thinking of putting to 2 additional speakers in the rear doors. Before I do, I'd like to find out some answers: 1) What size speakers does the rear door panel take? 2) Is there a specific brand/model Ford used for the front...
  4. tsume

    Dell Next Business Day

    My Dell laptop has been getting slower and slower (to the point I feel like assaulting it). Applications are not responding, then after awhile they start responding. At times when typing out something nothing appears, then a few seconds later the words appear. I've reinstalled Windows 3 times...
  5. tsume

    Slow read & write from Hard drive

    I'm not sure if the title is clear but let me explain my issue It seems Windows 7 is slow on reading & writing data from hard drive, which in turn seems to have slowed the perfomance of my laptop When listening to music the sound will drop at random points as the rest of the song is being...
  6. tsume

    Using C++ code outside of Visual Studio

    I've been looking at some open source code for a project I'm working on (based in Scala & Java). I found a project which does what I need, but it's based in C++. I have no problem in using the C++ code cause I could make some system calls from the JVM. My real problem is that the code is...
  7. tsume

    Queries on using a VPN for online gaming

    I've been investigating some network architectures for online gaming and recently came across using VPNs for online gaming. If you haven't heard about it, it's basically for games which have only LAN game service (no online) and play the game online. Tunngle and Hamachi seem to be very popular...
  8. tsume

    Music Instrument/Equipment Stores

    Please list music instrument and equipment stores here. State store location, if they have certain specials, helpfulness, on-line purchases etc
  9. tsume

    DJs Threads

    This is to separate from the musicians threads. All DJs are welcome, from the bedroom mixer to the pro getting paid. Talk setup, tips, information, upcoming gigs etc
  10. tsume

    Virtual DJ Skins

    I'm in need of a very good VDJ skin, seems like the Pioneer designs are the best but the ones which I have obtained are not meant for my size screen. Does anyone have some pro Pioneer skins which they could send me?
  11. tsume

    Fact Durban Rocks Festival

    I brought in the new year by attending the Fact Durban Rock festival at the Moses Mabhida stadium. In simple words it was awesome. There was one earlier that year, but this one was increased for larger crowds. All you get now when you go to clubs is mostly electronic music...but this was a...
  12. tsume

    Boxers or Briefs?

    I was just cleaning up my closet...I'm sorry mama. Anywoo I found a plastic with some boxer briefs my mom got me some years ago. For the hell of it I decided to try them on. I looked in the mirror, said *in Austin Powers voice* "you sexy bitch" and then proceed to get my Celvin Klein on :o...
  13. tsume

    Preventing/treating razor bumps

    I recently made the switch from electrical shaver to a manual razor. I've been noticing that I'm getting razor burns/bumps in the past couple of weeks...maybe I'm shaving differently or my skin is not use to it. Does anyone have ideas or techniques in preventing razor bumbs? I've heard getting...
  14. tsume

    Banking card/account queries

    From the savings/cheque thread which was started some days ago I learnt something new. Cheque account: It's a transaction account, no interest but cheaper charges on transactions, can overdraft. Savings account: Account to keep money in, interest accumulates but transactions are more costly...
  15. tsume

    Destroying a pipe in C

    I've been try to do a bidirectional ring in C and it has not been working. I'm building my code on someone else's and the code seems problematic (and I'm suppose to use this code). I discovered that pipes which I'm creating are not being closed. I've singled it down to the forks which are being...
  16. tsume

    Nokia goes dubstep for next generation ringtone

    Wil Wheaton (on Google Plus): Preview of song found at above link Bye bye Grande Valse, hello fellow in the queue who didn't bother to change they ringtone listening to robot sex.
  17. tsume

    Have I been doing it wrong?

    So I came across this post on reddit Which got me thinking, I've probably been doing the whole body spray/fragrance thing wrong. I mean you want to smell unique (in a good way), not too much to overwhelm...
  18. tsume

    MyBB Must Watch Movies

    There are some real great movies out there but mostly horrible ones. This thread is actually born from me talking to a friend about Scareface and him telling me that he has never seen it. There are some movies which I have not watched that may be really awesome, so hopefully we can get some...
  19. tsume

    Studying Opportunities International

    I've been thinking about doing my masters next year and maybe give a international university a shot. I'd just like to know if anyone here has gone to study outside SA, what was the process like? Also what about funding. I did apply in my matric year to go study in the UK, got accepted but...
  20. tsume

    Anonymous strikes 70 US law enforcement websites Edit: Seems they have released the data already Edit2: Press release here, with the list of commands they used to hack the websites