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  1. Mars

    125cc vs 150cc scooter?

    My daughter turns 16 next year and we have decided to buy her a scooter. At 16 she can legally only ride a 125cc, but the 150cc is the same price in most cases. I am having trouble coming to terms with paying the same price for less. Is there any good reason to buy the 125 over the 150? As for...
  2. Mars

    NP200 yay or nay?

    I'm looking for an ldv for the office. I've spoken to a couple people who have recommended I stay away from the np200. I've always liked them tho I've never owned one. What's the verdict? I've also looked at a few Chevy Utilities. They seem good too? Cars in Joburg just seem so much...
  3. Mars

    Kombucha Brewing

    Anyone brewing their own Kobucha? So we have been enjoying Kombucha over the last little bit, so I have decided to start brewing my own. It can't be harder than beer right? So the process seems simple. Make sweet black or green tea, add the alive part as either live Kombucha or a scoby...
  4. Mars

    Reasonable price for Wordpress implimentation?

    Ok so I know this is a "how long is a piece of string" question but hear me out. I need a simple website made up basically with contact details and a gallery where I can put photo's of my work. I have a host and a domain. I have had quotes from R400 up to R10k. Now I can, and have in the...
  5. Mars

    Relief from the banks?

    I applied for Covid Relief from FNB and they came back with an offer. It seems a little.. crappy. I was hoping that, for the lock down period, they would not charge me bank fee's, extend my home loan and not charge me interest on my overdraft and credit cards. I didn't take a salary last month...
  6. Mars

    Do you think that there will be help for white owned small business?

    I really hope so, but everything Ive seen is talking about BEE and every application Ive seen wants to know all these BEE requirements. I suspect that this will turn into another corruption fest and what little money actually gets to its target will be for those that are black owned. :(
  7. Mars

    Transunion is terrible.

    So every time I do anything with Vodacom I get a slew of fraudulent applications for credit in my name. I work through the crap every time and deal with all the crap and disputes. Last year when it happened I checked all my information with Transunion and made sure everything is correct...
  8. Mars

    Sonoff for irrigation?

    So I'm currently using a hunter 401 to run my irrigation and it works ok. Its a pain to figure out how the programming works, but until now I haven't really needed to change it. Now I want to add some new zones and it only has four. So if I replace the hunter with two 4ch sonoff switches that...
  9. Mars


    So my daughter is 13 and she is starting to struggle a little with her skin. My wife is convinced that if she (my daughter) washes her face 2 or 3 times a day with face wash then it will sort out all her problems. I'm not convinced if washing that much is good for you. So I have been thinking...
  10. Mars

    Telkom wants my fingerprints for a prepaid sim?

    I just tried to get a prepaid lte sim at the telkom shop and she asked me for my fingerprints? WTF? She said if I don't agree I can't have the sim. I walked out.
  11. Mars

    Vodacom have a serious information security issue.

    I was at the vodacom store again last week. Surprise surprise I get notifications this week of people trying to use my information to take loans and open credit accounts. This is the second time this has happened right after I have given my personal information to vodacom. This was the last...
  12. Mars

    Recommend a WiFi Router/Solution please.

    My old TP-link TD-W8970 V1 is dated and I'm struggling to get proper wifi coverage over my whole house. I also have a second router (same model) that I'm using to provide wifi to the other end of my house. I tried to get it to extend my current wifi, but that did not work so now I have two...
  13. Mars

    Logitech G502 Hero

    I'm looking to get one of these. Ive found it on EveTech for R1299 but I have had less than stellar service from them in the past so I dont really want to buy from them, especially not via EFT. Where is the best place to get it affordably?
  14. Mars

    Identity Theft - What do I do?

    So I just got a call from the credit department of British Airways (??) informing me that there has been an application on my ID number for a loan of R140k. The reason she phoned me was because the information on the application (internet application) did not match my TransUnion Information. It...
  15. Mars

    Mouse Recommendation?

    I need a new mouse. I had a G700 and I loved it. It lasted me about 5 years before the switches started giving trouble. I replaced one of the switches but it was never the same, so I bought another one. This one lasted 6 months before the switches started giving trouble so I took it back and...
  16. Mars

    S8 Plus Custom Rom?

    Since I have decided not to upgrade this year and keep my S8 plus I have been playing with the idea of loading a custom rom without some of the more annoying samsung and vodacom crap in it. The con will be the knox thing. I'm not sure what that entails. I have read that banking apps and some...
  17. Mars

    Best Network?

    I find myself in a situation where all 5 of my VC contracts come to completion this year. I cannot see the point of upgrading our phones and nothing excites me about the new devices so I am thinking about moving my entire family onto one of those 5 sim on one contract things. I cant seem to...
  18. Mars

    Your Full Admin Lock has been activated - WTF does this mean?

    I just got this sms from VC: What does that mean? I hate cryptic **** like this.
  19. Mars

    English lord compares homosexuals to people with red hair.

    Will the homophobia never stop?! :mad: More: Just kidding : D
  20. Mars

    4 port Sata Raid Card on the East rand?

    Does anyone know where I can get a 4 port (or more) Sata raid card on the east rand? Esquire is out of stock. :(