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  1. lotus123

    iPhone WiFI hotspot function disappeared

    Hi all We have an iPhone 8 using Cell C prepaid (this SIM has been active for years). The WiFi hotspot function suddenly disappeared from the menu a couple of weeks ago. I suspect this may have something to do with APNs or a switchover to Vodacom roaming (calling and LTE data are working...
  2. lotus123

    Installation lead times in Port Elizabeth

    Hi all I'm checking out SPs for my elderly parents in PE. They've had a torrid time with Telkom ADSL, and after trying to get things moving there today for them, I've suggested that they get fibre and go into the Telkom office and tell them to upstick it asswards. Does anyone have recent...
  3. lotus123

    Can our Rain rep please clarify this?

    In the past few days my video performance and download speed has gone to hell. I've noted the comments here regarding VPN workarounds and how those are being blocked now, but I'm not using VPNs. I'm on the R250 package (and before anyone starts with "you get what you pay for.." just shut it...
  4. lotus123

    Great move to Absolute Hosting

    After threatening to make the move (don't know why I waited so long!), I finally switched from Axxess to Absolute Hosting. The difference is like night and day. Previously I was measuring the response time for my web page loads (and for Support tickets) with a calendar. Having my tickets...
  5. lotus123

    Anyone else getting shortchanged on R250 addon gigs?

    I've had this problem repeatedly over the last few months. Buy a add-on Gig and use it okay, but then as it reaches the 85% mark (with about 160MB left to go), I get cut off during peak hours with the dashboard showing 0GB remaining. The next morning the 160MB is available again on the...
  6. lotus123

    What new stunt is this, Rain?

    I'm on the uncapped LTE package, so I top up with a gig now and then for peak hour use. When the balance drops to aroud 200-300mb, Rain cuts off access during peak hours for me, and shows an available balance of 0.00gb. However, the next morning, the balance is back to ~200mb but that night...
  7. lotus123

    Axxess - how do you get any level of service from Accounts?

    Been trying to resolve a billing query but all I get is "it's the system". And while I don't get nasty with staff who have to do their jobs within prescribed processes it really gets frustrating. I'm off to Absolute Hosting as soon as this is done. And thanks for not replying to my PM Axxess...
  8. lotus123

    Question for Rain 5G users who had poor Rain LTE experience

    If your earlier Rain LTE service was slow, what's the 5G experience like?
  9. lotus123

    Anyone using Wechat?

    My son is required to get registered on Wechat for his work as an online English tutor for a Chinese company, but it seems like it's nearly impossible to do this. He got to a point in the process where it rejected his application (reason remains unclear but may be linked to geography) and it...
  10. lotus123

    Does anyone have contact details for a real person at Rain?

    Hi all I'm completely fed up with Rain support. Numerous calls, twitter messages and live chats and going nowhere. All I get is that 24-48hr runaround that they seem to specialize in. And whether by accident or design, there are no direct head office numbers listed anywhere. I'd appreciate it...
  11. lotus123

    Rain - the good and the bad

    Sorry, just have to vent. Sudden and complete collapse in performance since Friday has left me fuming. The good: They're the cheapest for LTE data, bar none. That makes up for a lot of bad. The bad: Their service. In comparison to the big boys, their DGAF attitude stands head and shoulders...
  12. lotus123

    Is it just bad in Fourways, or is this a month-end thing?

    Network performance has imploded here in Fourways since Friday, and my signal strength indicator is showing fewer bars too. Speedtest shows sub-1mbps downloads, where I normally get between 20 - 50mbps. I spoke to the "help desk" via chat, but may as well talk to a lamp post for all the good...
  13. lotus123

    Anyone getting Rain in Plett?

    Hi all A search for this came up dry, so I'm asking here if anyone is currently using Rain in Plettenberg Bay, and what's the performance like? If no Rain, what are the broadband alternatives? Fibre (I believe not there yet?), ADSL, LTE-A? TIA
  14. lotus123

    Standard Bank systems are down today

    Standard Bank was slow to respond to complaints on Twitter that it's systems are down today. When they did, they told customers that problems were being experienced with online and app banking, but users quickly responded that they are also unable to make card purchases or draw cash at ATMs...
  15. lotus123

    Vodacom and MTN just got burned by the Competition Commission And true to form, Vodacom trots out the time-worn "effective cost" phrase again.
  16. lotus123

    Experiences with buying meds online from overseas?

    This post will probably get all kinds of comments, but hear me out first! :) I need to source meds for hypothyroidism, but the local suppliers (Aspen) have got this market stitched up by limiting choices and monopoly pricing (the last time I checked). The meds I want are available overseas...
  17. lotus123

    Your Rain month end network performance and billing experience

    This is the end of my first month on Rain Mobile. I installed a Poynting antenna over the weekend and that kicked things up nicely (and even though the network here seems to slow down a lot over weekends it still managed decent downloads and pings with the antenna's help). This morning is a...
  18. lotus123

    Rain Mobile is incredibly flaky in Fourways this weekend

    Throughput varies from a trickle (<100kbps) to 15Mbps, mostly on the low end of that range. Anyone else experiencing this? (It's been okay in the week, and last weekend as well, IIRC)
  19. lotus123

    Recommendations for Wordpress hosting provider please?

    I'm done with the lack of support from Axxess, and I need suggestions on alternative hosting providers. Factors include: Cost - Budget is limited. Axxess is cheap, and I see that others are also in the same ballpark (Hetzner is more expensive for what appears to be similar facilities). Yes, you...
  20. lotus123

    Does anyone have direct contact details for support at Axxess?

    Long story short: struggling to get support, tickets are ignored, hosting and email problems continue. Finally got someone on the phone this morning, but got the message that weekend support is non-existent. And absolutely no attempt to get details to resolve the problem. Time to move, but...