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    RaceChip Products

    Good day myBBers, Any reviews for the products RaceChip offers? What I like about them is the idea of plug and play, as well as remove it if need be. No tinkering with the actual software. Im...
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    ABSA Rewards - 2021

    Hi myBBers, I know the eBucks thread very very well, but don't see anything for ABSA Rewards. Anyone with ABSA using the reward program effectively, especially Tier5? Worth it?
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    What "Managing your Finances" and "Wealth Building" books are you reading and willing to recommend?

    Good day myBB's, I know there is a "What book are you reading at the moment ?" thread, but I thought putting one down specifically for anything around managing personal finances and wealth building(even if its a novel). These kind of things are mainly not thought at home, school or even...
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    DSTV Now Chrome Browser Streaming

    Hi all, Since last night the site just loading white blank page on my Chrome and Internet Explorer. Anyone else experiencing this and how to resolve it?
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    Section 12J Investments

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    MS SQL Stored Proc - Query Help

    Good day, I have candle chart data from Bitmex that is supplied as 1min, 5min, 1hour and 1day intervals. I have created a Stored Proc to handle data roll up to other time frames i need, but I am sure there is quicker way of doing this directly on database. I posted in detail on StackOverFlow...
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    Banks - Loan "Break"

    Good day, Does anyone know of a mechanism that kicks in for consumers when we are in "kAk" like this? Been trying to get through to FNB check if they are willing to assist in these uncertain times.....
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    Consolidating Debt

    Good day, Where can I find more information regarding consolidating debt. I have credit with ranging interest rates, due to circumstances and a divorce with poor emotional decisions at the time. I am looking to consolidate it all with an acceptable interest rate. Some of these institutions are...
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    Luno vs VALR Fees

    Good day fellow Cryptonites, Any using VALR exchange since launching on 11 June with BTC-ZAR? Looking at VALR fees, they are super aggressive: Maker Fees Luno : 0% VARL : -0.1% (Rebate) Taker Fees Luno : 1%(Max fee for low volume) VARL : 0.2% (Max fee regardless of volume) Side note: I did...
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    Telkom Webmail - Forwarding Address Not Working

    Good day forumites, So today I tried to configure a forwarding address on Telkom's webmail site. Reason is for such poor uptime on their servers that sometimes I dont get mails for days, and then suddenly a shitload. Anyway, filled in the info, saved and sent a couple test emails. With 0...