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    China mystery animal box craze causes outrage
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    20 horrific examples of how govt departments have been wasting taxpayer money
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    Moeletsi Mbeki: BEE and affirmative action are biggest drivers of corruption in SA
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    Warning over plan to use South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccines for BEE
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    PC Speakers

    Maybe you guys have tested or used these speakers, and would recommend the one over the over? Microlab Solo 16 or Edifer 1700BT...
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    Level one loading: Cyril Ramaphosa set to lift travel ban tonight Travel from high risk countries such as the United States and some of the major EU countries will remain banned. Controversially, however, arrivals from India and Brazil – which...
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    Municipal worker seizes truck, drives over officer, killing him
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    Pc Speakers 2.0 or 2.1

    What would you guys recommend? Budget < R3000
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    Man who told PE teacher he could multiply money gets 15 years for fraud
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    'There is no black person who can be racist' Do black people really believe this? How do they not see how racist they have become towards whites? This is the EFF after all, they take anything...
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    Monitor AOC 24G2 24"

    Do any one here own this monitor: Reviews suggest is good and all, but not sure about this wide color gamut, and makes certain colors look over saturated? From what I see its more of an...
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    Pc Monitor 144hz

    What would you guys recommend, do not really want to spend more than R5000 and so it seems my options are very limited. Checked Evetech and there are three options Acer: AOC...
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    R5m Covid-19 relief money paid into wrong account Who did not see this happening? Amazing how these errors happens more and more often hey?
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    Shell Helix HX8 VS ULTRA

    Servicing my vehicle over the weekend and went to buy some parts and notice shell has 2 different fully synthetic oils. HX8 Ultra...
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    Wiper motor Hyundai i20

    Item Wanted: wiper motor Hyundai i20 Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: N/A Location: Johannesburg Willing to accept a shipped item: No Ballpark/Budget Amount: Let me know I am looking for a wiper motor front for Hyundai i20 2011 1.6 L. I have tried a couple of places, but none have it in...
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    Dell Monitor SE2416H keeps resetting

    Good day. Monitor out of warranty seems to be overheating and resetting on / off after duration of time. Tried on different pc's and changed cables, thoroughly tested and definitely the monitor packing up. Should I just put it on the rubbish dump or is their places that can repair PC monitors...
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    Wanted Pc Desktop Parts

    Item: Cpu 2500K, 3770K, 4670K, 4770K, 4790K, 6400, 6500, 6600K, 7500, 7600K, 7700K. Item: Motherboard supporting processor, and supporting overclocking. Item: 4Gb Ram Age: 100% working order Price: R2.000 - R2500 Negotiable Warranty: tested and working Packaging: not needed Condition: Perfect...