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    Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set
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    20 reported missing after heavy rains trigger landslide in Japan
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    [Canada] Liberal MP caught on camera — again — during virtual House of Commons
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    Pretoria power outage

    So this happened yesterday: Many areas have since been left with no power. Ours will apparently only be restored at 8pm tonight hopefully. Why are there no security at power stations?
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    2 girls, 13 and 15, charged in botched carjacking, murder of Uber Eats driver
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    [US] Colorado market shooting: Gunman kills 10 at Boulder grocery store
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    Yaphet Kotto: James Bond villain and Alien actor dies at 81
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    Sequels you'd love to see?

    Not talking about confirmed sequels or games that will definitely get sequels. This is for those forgotten games that desperately need to make a comeback. I'll start with No One Lives Forever 3. The first 2 games are some of the best shooters out there with a nice mix of stealth, story, comedy...
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    South Africans in video games?

    I'm curious, what games do you lot know of with South Africans in them? I know a lot of mercs in Far Cry 2 are and they talk Afrikaans which is funny. And I know a lot of mercs in Uncharted 4 are South African as well and say stuff like bru, china and kak a lot lol. I think the Nadine chick...
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    Your Game of the Year 2020

    I haven't bought many new games this year and still have a backlog of games to try, but of those I've played the best was probably Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The first Ori also got my GOTY in 2015. What's yours? Edit: And the mybb winners are..... Ori and the Will of the Wisps - 3 1/2...
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    Watch: One killed as bakkie flips over barrier and lands in Durban taxi rank
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    Interesting space pics/gifs/vids

    A thread for any cool, interesting pics or vids of space. I'll start with this 1 second gif of the surface of comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko: And even though it's only 1 second, it actually spans 25 minutes. The images were taken by the European Space Agency's Philae lander during its...
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    Cycling: Trek-Segafredo suspends rider for supporting Trump and using an emoji
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    CYCLING: Fabio Jakobsen fighting for life after being pushed into barriers
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    Buffalo couriers

    Hey all. I ordered something which is being imported from China and they're using Buffalo couriers or logistics or something. Just recieved an email supposedly from Buffalo customer services asking for my importers code (no idea what that is) or my personal ID which I have to enter on a badly...
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    Blu-ray players

    Where can I still find brand new, never been used blu-ray players for under R2000? Mine stopped working so I need a new affordable one. Preferrably Sony, Samsung or LG. :) The only ones I can find online are refurbished and I don't think I want something that's been tampered with. Thanks.
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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars series

    So I saw the trailer for season 7 (the final season) and it looks brilliant. Love the series (in many ways it's better than the movies) but I missed seasons 4 to now. I have the complete season 2 on dvd but none of the others for some bizarre reason. I also have the last half of the first...
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    What is the best parcel tracking app or site?

    Because I'm kinda struggling to find something decent that's quick and easy and that can track any parcel from any courier, domestic and international. Cheers
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    Lego Games

    Have to admit, I'm kinda obsessed with Lego Games. They're a guilty pleasure for me despite their silliness and even though they're all pretty much exactly the same. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. The formula just works. So which Lego games do you guys like the most and which ones...
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    2GB data gone

    So earlier today I bought 1gb data. Used it for a minute or two then it was all gone. Bought another 1gb data bundle later and again it was all gone after a minute. I see on twatter that other people have been experiencing the same issues today. Anyone here with the same problems? Seems like...