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    Huge Frame Drops - Overwatch

    Good Day Forum. Recently started to experience insane frame drops during Overwatch gameplay. I have noticed that when my frames drop there is a reduction in fan speed. GPU, MB & External case fans? Current Setup: Operating System Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 4670 @...
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    Can you renew your License Disc at Spar?

    Had some time to put in more research. This is for anyone who might have the same question. With your old License disk and Drivers License/ID (Always have both just in case) you can submit and pay at Spar. It takes two days to be processed and the new disc can be collected at the Spar (R120...
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    Can you renew your License Disc at Spar?

    Saw a sign at the sunninghill Spar that you can renew your license disc, but I have heard contradicting versions of what is required in order to do so. In some cases it’s your renewal form, ID Book/Card and others just the previous years License Form & Drivers license.
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    Rendering Device Lost - OVERWATCH

    Right, so I have been getting this error recently (See image). What happens is, usually during play, the game will freeze and then show this error. It will then automatically close the game. I have been getting this error ever since the latest Doomfist patch for the game. Research has...
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    Laptop Not shutting down/Sleeping properly

    Good day forum. This has been a pain for the last two months. Here is the just of it-> Did a clean install of Windows 10 on my Acer Extenza Laptop. All normal windows function perfectly apart from one. When I try to enter sleep mode or shutdown the power light remains on. Previously, it...
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    Lonehill Fibre

    Gooday forum, Since the rollout of fibre in areas around JHB, I have been dying to get my hands on a package that exceeds the 4meg prison which grips the outdated area infrastructure. Anyone who has utilized the ADSL service will know the headache that comes with this limitation. A few...