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    Huawei B535 LTE router dyndns and port forwarding

    Hi Guys, I am helping a friend setup dyn dns and port forwarding on the Mweb Huawei B535 LTE router to setup up RDP and Apache. It seems I cannot get DYN to work although it says it successfully connected and I tested the same details on my fibre router (TP Link) and have no problem using the...
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    Vodacom Incorrect contract upgrade amount

    So Vodacom contacted me and wanted to sell me a contract and i refused and said i am interested in the R199 20 gig deal only. I told them i'l only be happy with that deal if i upgrade. The consultant first said no this cannot be done because im not within the upgrade period. So i thought fine...
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    Gap-cover Question and Pregnancy

    Hi Guys, Just a question im on Discovery Coastal Saver option and my Gap cover with Turnberry. My wife recently gave birth and I was blessed my a Beautifull baby boy . She had Caesarian and we have gap covered well the Gap cover both the Gynae and Anesthetist I just wanted to know does Gap...