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    Crypto Assets Both Dangerous and Draw Enthusiasm, BOE Says

    640k of memory will be enough...
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    Transformation group demands "racist" FNB close EOH bank accounts

    Why does this garbage get airtime?
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    Starlink will take on fibre in South Africa

    Its going to be congested before they reach anticipated user capacity, mark my words.
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    MTN loses appeal against order to pay R11 million in damages to former dealer

    I had pretty much the same with 20k bill with MTN for an 24 hour uncapped they tried to argue I never activated the uncapped package. Their system is so broken they even set screenshots proving I loaded the package. Took them to the consumer protection commission but by the time that got going...
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    Factorio game review

    AFAIK the game has never and will never go on special something the dev's have been quite adamant about.
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    Factorio game review

    It does, but I bought the game in 2016 and have gone back to it repeatedly it's really great for those with OCD.
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    Factorio game review

    If you have a life do not buy this game! Otherwise its fantastic
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    BYOD Vodacom FTTH on Vumatel

    Its via my company account so not always that easy, different kind of ulcers ...
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    BYOD Vodacom FTTH on Vumatel

    Thanks! fantastic, I'm working on the new router already! :)
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    BYOD Vodacom FTTH on Vumatel

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    BYOD Vodacom FTTH on Vumatel

    So I've had Vodacom FTTH install with Vumatel and now I want to use my own router. I managed to get my PPPOE username and password but that does not seem to work. I tried setting the MAC address on the routers WAN port to match the Vodacom router but still no luck. I've been supplied the...
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    Big security upgrade for .ZA domain

    You quite correct I have not idea what the registry is charging.
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    Big security upgrade for .ZA domain

    You making the mistake between registrar lock and registry lock
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    Big security upgrade for .ZA domain,as%20DNS%20or%20contact%20changes .com is $300 just as a comparison.
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    Cellc 50Mbps Fibre over Metrofibre networks Ping: 3ms Download: 51.55Mbps Upload: 50.96Mbps
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    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    Agh this checkmate one sucks...