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    Xiaomi Mi10 - Sale

    Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Mi10 5G 8/128GB - Rooted for HLG HDR Recording Age and condition: 4 Months Old Condition Good still has original screen protector Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgrade to Mi11 Ultra Price: R9000 Negotiable: No Location...
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    Day 25 - No Service

    It's been 21 Days two PM's still no service at home i don't understand what went wrong. i have had no signal issue apart from slow rain since 2018 then all of a sudden no service rains solution from email communication Something is clearly wrong with the tower"No rain in network Search"...
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    International Travel for medical procedure

    Is there any planes operating for medical emergencies? My father was diagnosed with renal failure and the public hospital denied him dialysis due to his age he's 56 and has a Kenyan citizen ship where there isn't a age limit to undergo dialysis. Private dialysis is just out of reach for us at...
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    PE Blackout

    Well it happened again heard an explosion then power went off.
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    Rain After 12pm

    I have noticed after 12pm Rain seems to be unusable, seems throttled that i can't even send screenshots on telegram it stays like this till about 5pm then speeds start to return to normal im in PE i dunno if anyone else has experienced this.
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    Camera Raw[bayer/dcraw]

    I Managed to get Raw Bayer data of my device then decoded it with dcraW If anyone is interested to getting it working on their device do the following. Goto Play store Search For CineDroid Open It / Close It Look in SDCard/CineDroid camera.parameters. txt Look for Picture Format Values...
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    Theme for WM Smartphones

    Theme for WM Smartphones
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    Windows 7 M2 *LEAKED* check it out Windows 7 Vistaz Succesor Codenamed blackcomb Milestone 2 was leaked on a torrorent site download link up top enjoy