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    iPhone 7 SA Launch Date Announced! Pricing & Pre Order Info!

    It's official folks, iPhone 7 hits SA on 14th October 2016! I've put up a post with pricing and pre-order info below. Enjoy! Read more:
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    iOS 8.2 Released - Stability improvements and more [Download]
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    iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 SA Pricing Released

    For those of you that didn't see - iPad Air 2 starting from R6 699 and iPad Mini 3 starting from R5 499. Full pricing: Judging by this, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3's will be here pretty soon :) edit: I see mybb has an...
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    Warning - iOS 8.1.1 Blocks Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak

    Warning - iOS 8.1.1 will block the Pangu jailbreak according to developer Elias Limneos. Just a heads up - Something to keep in mind for those that wish to jailbreak now, or in the future. More info and advice: P.S. Pangu 1.2...
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    iOS 8.1 Jailbreak Released!

    Once again we have been caught by surprise - The "Pangu Team" have released an untethered iOS 8.1 jailbreak! Right now it's intended for developers to update their apps to support the iOS 8.1 jailbreak, but this is fantastic news for the jailbreak scene! More info & Download...
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    iStore pre-registration for iPhone 6

    Those who registered for the iStore trade-in cash back received an email today, asking users to pre-register interest for the upcoming iPhone 6 to ensure they can upgrade and get their cash back at the iStore... Full article:
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    iPhone 6 coming to South Africa on October 23rd?

    We have received word that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are to be launched in South Africa on Thursday, October 23rd... Full Article: Well, I hope this is correct. It would be one of our quickest roll-outs yet. :D
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    iOS 8 Widgets - Free Suggestions

    Hey peeps! I listed some free iOS 8 Notification Center Widgets I came across. If you'd like to check them out, see the link below. There's even one for the ladies in there ;) :whistle:
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    iOS 8 Battery Life Tips

    Hi guys I've put up my battery life saving tips for iOS 8. I explain each setting, as well as the impact it has on your device. Most tips can also be applied to older firmwares. If you are keen to squeeze a bit more juice out of your iOS device then give these tips a try and let me know...
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    iPhone 6 vs Liquid Nitrogen…doesn't end well :(

    Ever wondered how an iPhone 6 would hold up to being soaked in Liquid Nitrogen and hit by a sledgehammer? No, us neither. But we're about to find out anyway. YouTube user RatedRR has purchased six, yes six, iPhone 6's to torture in all different ways imaginable. Watch the video...
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    Apple Wave iOS 8 microwave charging hoax explodes

    A hoax that went viral, claiming that with the newly released iOS 8 update, users could charge their iPhone by putting it in the microwave, has claimed the lives of multiple iPhones around the world. In case you couldn’t guess, putting your electronic device in your microwave is not the best...
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    [V] First guy to get the iPhone 6 drops it live on camera

    There’s nothing quite like that feeling of your heart sinking to the bottom of your stomach when you drop your beloved Apple device. Especially when you're the first person in the long line of people waiting to get one. This guy does it live on camera Watch the video...
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    Importing an iPhone 6 from overseas

    Hi guys! I've put together some thoughts around importing an iPhone 6 into SA Hope it helps some of you :) Article:
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    iOS 8 Keyboards

    Just installed iOS 8 and looking for some shiny new iOS 8 keyboard replacements to try out? Here’s a few of the more popular iOS 8 keyboard replacements available on the App Store right now! Read More:
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    iOS 8 Released - Download Links and Install Guide

    iOS 8 is here – Download and Install Guide Fellow iPhone and iPad fans! The wait is over. iOS 8 is here.... As always, i've put together some tips on the best way to go about upgrading :) Enjoy! Read more:
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    [How To] Get iOS7 Right Now (No UDID Slot Required)

    Updated: GM Build Get the final iOS 7 version right here --> Old post: Thought I would share for those interested :) Link: Get iOS 7 Right Now! (No UDID Slot Required) Mod Edit: This works for all the beta's. So...
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    iPhone 5 Local Recommended Retail Pricing (Prepaid)

    Who's getting and who's not getting one after these prices? :) More:
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    Battery Life Saving Tips - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

    Hi guys! I just finished compiling my recommendations on battery life saving tips of which all apply to iPhone, and a lot to iPod Touch and iPad. If you are interested, take a look :) - Let me know what you...
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    iPhone 5 - Rumour Roundup. Thinner, Longer, Unibody design and more Read More: Full Article
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    iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Released! Absinthe 2.0!!!-Jailbreak-5-1-1-Untethered