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  1. foozball3000

    Please Help! Linux Mint (Ubuntu) cannot detect Alfa AWUS1900 Card..

    I'm at a loss here.. I've installed and re-installed the drivers for my new Alfa Card, but I cannot get Linux Mint to recognize it. The drivers seem to be working, and the device is listed in lsusb with the proper name. But I cannot see it under iwconfig, airmon-ng, or the Network Manager...
  2. foozball3000

    How do I start and manage a General Life Support Group?

    As someone who doesn't have parents that can advise me on life, business and career choices, I want to start a hangout / support group of sorts. The idea is to create a group of people that offer variety in experience, different perspectives and a clear intent towards each other's best interest...
  3. foozball3000

    Help! Ubuntu (Mint) Unexpected Shutdown - Firefox and Terminal can't connect to internet anymore

    Unexpected Shutdown has left me with a strange internet problem. Neither Firefox nor Terminal can connect to the internet.. but TOR connects perfectly. So the laptop is online, and I can interact with other computers on the network through Terminal. (Nmap, ping, the works) I've also tried...
  4. foozball3000

    Why is this Kitchen such a mess?

    We've all been young and wanted to treat our parents to a nice cooked breakfast in bed at some point. From our point of view, this made our parents very happy and they should feel honoured on their special day. But now as adults we understand that the reality of this nice gesture comes with...
  5. foozball3000

    Are you building on your dream, are you living your life purpose?

    I just want to start a thread where people can share, collaborate and chat about this winding road of building dreams and finding purpose. For myself, I unfortunately have to do mine in stages. Stage 1 being able to make enough of a living on my own feet in order to build Stage 2. Stage 2 is a...
  6. foozball3000

    Outsystems - Anybody else using it?

    I'm drawing close to finishing an app of mine, but I have a bunch of concerns about going live with it. Things like performance, ect... None of which I seem to be able to test before just going live and running with it. So I'm trying to find other Devs that have a lot of experience with this...
  7. foozball3000

    Any Android 9.0 (Pie) Emulators or VMs?

    Hi, I'm trying to get a new app working on my Emulator, but it isn't backwards compatible. 9.0 isn't publicly available yet, so how can I get my hands on it? Any ideas? I've been battling with this for quite some time.
  8. foozball3000

    Unreal Engine Development Thread

    Hi guys! I couldn't find any threads relating to those who create games and other things in the Unreal Engine, so I'm being the change that I want to see in the world. At the moment I'm still learning some of the "coding" mechanics to learn how to do this:
  9. foozball3000

    Raspberry Pi - Building a Retro Gaming Console

    I'm building a retro gaming console from my Raspberry Pi and I got pretty far from this guy's blog: Now the hard part starts. Not all the emulators work, and some of them don't work as well as they should. So, the...
  10. foozball3000

    Please help me set up my WCF for .Net.

    For starters, I should state that I'm fairly clueless on this topic. I have a website that references a web service, using basicHttpBinding. If I have methods that return XML as string, everything works fine, but as soon as I try to add my own custom object to use for data transfer...
  11. foozball3000

    Guide: How to submit accurate deadlines to managers

    Step 1. Have the usual project meeting. End it by saying that you'll run through the proposed work and get accurate deadlines. Step 2. Hop onto Gumtree (or wherever you prefer) and find a Fortune Teller / Psychic, and get a deadline. Step 3. Declare to the managers that you've consulted a...
  12. foozball3000

    My Datsun needs a new Flux Capacitor

    I own a Datsun 1200 GX, but I think it's Flux Capacitor is broken. The battery is fine and has more than enough juice to power it. And I can get it up to 88m/h... (I keep forgetting how fast it is in metric, so I just go as fast as I can) The weekend is drawing near and I really need it for...
  13. foozball3000

    Derailers Anonymous

    Hi, my name is fb3k... ..and it's been months since I've derailed a thread. :(
  14. foozball3000

    IIS Won't allow Visual Studio to add my Service Reference

    Hi Guys, I'm having trouble adding a webservice reference on our web project. Here's the setup: We have a web service on the server that exposes all the login and other functionality that our website accesses. When it was hosted on our Server01, it worked 100%. Then we had to migrate it...
  15. foozball3000

    Team Foundation server with Agile, does it work for you?

    We found great joy with TFS, and to add some additional project management, we're trying out Agile over the last few days. I was just wondering, how do you guys find it? Or what do you use as an alternative and why?
  16. foozball3000

    Where can I find Dual GFX Card (SLi) benchmarks?

    I'm building my new PC for rendering cgi and looking at getting 2 x Radeon 6950's. But I can't find any benchmarks on cards running in SLi. Since I've heard that some cards only give a small 30% performance increase and others give up to 80%.... Any help please...
  17. foozball3000

    Source Control options with Visual Studio

    Budget constraints won't allow us to purchase Visual Studio's Team Foundation software, so we're on the hunt for an alternative. I tried getting Mercurial to work on our system, but failed.. somewhere I'm missing something, and I've wasted enough hours on that. What do you guys use?
  18. foozball3000

    XNA Physics

    I'm writing a very small game that's purely there to be a sandbox for my skills. (Something that only shows what I can do, kinda like a portfolio). It's written in XNA 3.0 (C#). The current one is aimed at special effects. So, it's a VW Kombi shooting Super Banana Bombs from it's roof. I tried...
  19. foozball3000

    Isometric Engine for XNA Game

    I'm working on an application that will display some form of maps/landscape and data. I need two ways to display it, due to the vast range of hardware it might be run on, one low performance and a very nice version for the gaming PCs. So a friend suggested to use an isometric engine for...
  20. foozball3000

    How do you do your project planning and designing?

    Other than Mugg&Bean napkins and chicken scratch on a white board, how do you do your project planning and designing?