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    Rain CEO Willem Roos answers tough questions about expiring mobile data bundles

    Mobile operators make obscene profits, data pricing is still way too expensive I'm waiting for someone to launch wifi handoff in densely populated areas, then we can see traffic and profits shift away from the mobile operators
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    Please Rate Webafrica

    I'm on the 20/10 200GB package for R819 with OpenServe The rolling cap is a terrible idea as I'm permanently at around 200GB, so when it's in the 190GB range it makes me anxious and when it's over 200GB it's useless at 1Mbps. Honestly I would prefer the cap to be reset monthly so I could...
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    VoIP calls on your iPhone

    I would imagine that cellphone operators make most of their money from the exobitant prices they charge for voice calls. I don't see them giving those massive profits up without a fight!