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    Telkom Unlimited LTE and cancellation penalty

    It looks like Telkom have found a way to take more money from me for no reason, and I am at a loss at what to do here. A bit of backstory: Late in 2019, they sent out their squad of thieves to steal all the copper in my area so they could force me over to LTE. I threw my toys out the cot back...
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    [S] Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds

    Item name:Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds (titanium) Age and condition: 2.5 months Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes Reason for selling: My ears have rejected them and they keep falling out. I am selling them so I can buy some wraparounds instead. Price: R1500 Negotiable: No Location...
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    The pain of signing up

    I feel like I have become one of those people who rant about Rain, but the signup process has to be one of the most painful ones I've ever come across. If it makes any difference, I got a SIM from Clicks, and attempted the activation and RICA process as soon as I got home yesterday. The first...
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    FNB Fusion accounts and fraudulent transactions

    Hey everyone, I should have done this homework a year ago, because I am now having my doubts about fusion accounts (specifically Gold) having lost card protection. According to the Gold Credit Card T&C's, lost card protection is what covers you for fraudulent transactions: The fusion T&C's...
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    Investing: Sasol

    Hello! It appears that Sasol has taken one hell of a beating lately, for a couple of reasons (not necessarily in order): * Lake Charles project overruns * CEO's getting the boot * Moodys downgrade * Oil price drop * Class action against the execs In the past year, we've seen the price go down...
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    DSL-AC56U WAN disconnections

    Hello, I am quite puzzled. Ever since I switched to Fibre, my router has been acting up - but intermittently. Random WAN disconnects and it doesn't reconnect itself. If I log into the router, I'm greeted by this, and all the IP's listed that I've blocked out are If I turn the...
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    [S] Samsung Galaxy Buds (Black) SOLD

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy Buds (Black) Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: Yes, sealed Warranty: Yes, with Samsung SA. I don't have a POP as this was a gift. Reason for selling: Unwanted gift Price: R1900 Negotiable: No Location: Kloof, Durban Shipping or collection: Both, but...
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    Telkom refusing to fix a line

    Hi everyone, I got a mega spade of denied from Telkom and I'm not too pleased about it. About two weeks back, my parents phone line stopped working. As soon as someone tried to make a call, it would ring once, then cut off. ADSL works fine. So I logged a fault, someone visited, and they said...
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    [Help] Laptop hinge repairs

    I am in a bit of a pickle. A few months ago, I created this thread where I whined about Rectron and Gigabyte. Things have gotten worse. To summarize: * I got the part I needed from Rectron * I replaced it myself * In September, I opened it up and saw that the same thing happened again (screw...
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    FNB Fusion account with FNB Pay and Garmin Pay issue

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has had these issues, and what you did to get around them. I got a new FNB Gold Fusion card, tried to register it for FNB Pay (tap to pay option using your phone), yet registration fails every time. Phoned up FNB last week, they couldn't figure it out. It was...
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    Gigabyte Laptop hinge repair woes (+ rant)

    Hi everyone, I am in a pickle, and I'm hoping someone can help. I have a Gigabyte P37x V5 laptop. The hinges are pretty screwed. The mounts that keep the hinges attached to the laptop have disintegrated. The construction is a plastic mount, which contains the threaded brass fitting. The screws...
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    [S] Astro Mixamp Pro TR

    Item: Astro Mixamp Pro Age: 10 months Price: R700 Warranty: Yes, until March. Bought it from Takealot. Packaging: Original Condition: Mint Location: Kloof, Durban Reason: I used this with my TV because I wanted to use headphones with it. Times have changed and I now use a Soundbar, so I have no...
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    FNB Gold Credit Card and Interest

    I was sifting through my credit card statement the other day, and noticed a R200 interest charge billed on 2 November. I was very puzzled about this, as my routine is spend only on my CC through the month, then pay it off the night before I get paid, and repeat. The charge isn't something that...
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    Netflix 4K Streaming issues

    I am puzzled beyond belief. I don't know how long this post will be, so I've added a tl;dr; at the bottom. I am hoping someone has had the same issue as me, or has some ideas on what I can do to sort this out. The timeline of what's been happening: - Last year October, I had a 4Mbps ADSL line...
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    Google Inbox Shutting Down in March 2019

    I saw this last night. I've been a fanboy of Inbox since I could start using it. Sad days. Fortunately they've posted a transition guide for people like me :D I tried finding the appropriate section to post this under, figured it was IT news. If I made a mistake, please move it. Source.
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    Hyundai Atoz Cambelt Change

    Hello! So - my father has an Atoz / Atos. It's a 2005 model. Cambelt change is WAY overdue. I phoned up a Hyundai dealer in Durban today and asked for a quote, and they said R4000+ (couple of hundred over that, didn't catch the figure). Assuming my fathers car is worth R40 000, which I...