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  1. zulucat

    Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box

    Item: Ematic 4K (Ultra HD) Android TV Box Age: Almost 3 years Price: R750 Payment Method Accepted: CASH or EFT Warranty: Expired - but I bought it at Matrix Warehouse in Centurion - I MIGHT have a POP for it, but don't count on it Packaging: Original box Condition: It is good, the two-pin power...
  2. zulucat

    iPad Air or iPad Pro 2018 version

    Item wanted : iPad Air (2020) or iPad Pro 2018 version, for varsity Condition: Must be quite neat and in proper working condition, chassis can have a scratch or two, but screen must be spotless Location: I am in Centurion Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes, depends Budget: I have 8k Please...
  3. zulucat

    Apple Music hired me

    I'm so stoked! I recently got a message via my LinkedIn profile from an agent who works with Apple. At first I thought it was a hoax or scam, but I quickly did some research and she turned out to be legit. She found me because on my profile I mentioned that I worked for a company in Canada many...
  4. zulucat

    Lock down deals, offers and discounts?

    Might be a little late but I haven't seen anything like this... Maybe a positive spin to the lock down. Not a thread to b! tch and moan about levels of service you have received from these companies and all that whiny stuff. I will start with some of the deals/discounts I have personally...