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    OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Release Date?

    9 years? Well done Necromancer!
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    Solitary exercise during lockdown?

    I agree, as well as full of people trying to tell other people what they must do.
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    Linux laptops alive in South Africa

    I agree. I had to import one from the US last year.
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    Weed growers thread

    I don't fart lavender even though I think so!
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    Where to watch free streaming TV online?

    This would have been an appropriate response 3 and a half months ago.
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    2012 Currie Cup Rugby final: predict the score

    Sharks 16 - 9 WP
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    MyBB Rugby Champs 2012 - Superbru

    Joined and already approved!
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    iPad mini may launch in October

    It will definitely shake up the market if it can stay in the $200-$250 price bracket.
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    EchoEcho app gets Google backing

    This sounds like quite a useful app to have.
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    What's wrong with this image?

    I also noticed it this morning. Could they really not find a correct picture?
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    Microsoft Office on your iPad

    So you had to descend to using a nikon to take a pic of your canons :p
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    The next Springbok Coach

    My vote also goes to Heyneke.
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    iPad2 + CellC 2Gb/mth = no brainer?

    That is why he is talking about the ipad2