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    Is Vodacom Fibre still as rubbish as people have historically claimed?

    I have been running with Vodacom Fibre for the past three weeks since there is no other option in our town. My 100/100 connection have been reliable, with only one outage the past weekend for about two hours after some heavy rains. The managed router has been less of a hassle than I thought...
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    Best 20Mbps uncapped ADSL prices in South Africa

    This article is extremely misleading as presented. The Telkom package will be less than R600 if ADLS line rental is excluded. I moved from Afrihost capped (300GB) to Telkom uncapped (20 Mbps) more than a year ago and is extremely satisfied - speed and ping is comparable between the two...
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win Great Samsung Prizes

    Samsung Pay is just more convenient than pulling your cards out of your wallet, plus its more secure than the current tap and pay debit cards that require almost no authentication for small transactions.
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win a Samsung Connect & Control Speaker and other prizes

    The convenience coupled with improved security of payments, as well as the look on people's faces when your phone work on their old pay point machines :). Another not so small benefit is also the time saved, especially at tap to pay till such as at Spar or Pick 'n Pay, Take out phone, open Pay...
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    Samsung Pay Giveaway - Win a Samsung Connect & Control Speaker and other prizes

    The security it ads to tap to pay transactions is great. People where I have specifically noted this feature as they have been or known people that ran afoul of tap-to-pay fraud.
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    The unlikely uncapped ADSL provider which crushes the competition

    Nope, switched from capped Afrihost to uncapped Telkom a few months ago. On my 20 Mbps package the FUP is somewhere around 1Tb , if I remember correct , averages 400+ a month with no FUP warnings. Line quality is similar and sometimes better than I had on my Afrihost capped package - using it...
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    No update on Apple Pay in South Africa

    Samsung Pay has been surprisingly, no amazingly good for me, working on all the machines presented so far, even the oldest crap. The reaction of the cashiers was also quite surprising - thought I would get chased out of shops, but instead people are calling their friends over to watch and...
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    Uncapped fibre and Netflix now cheaper than DStv Premium

    Yeah, cheaper for the 0.01% of the population that have access to fibre - DSTV must be shitting in their pants,.
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    How one FNB Connect customer fought against “unfair” bundle depletion – and won

    Yes, they definitely are - when I went in to complain about this issue I was told this is normal practice. Not much room to switch from the thieves here in the more rural areas as the other companies are very crappy compared to Vodacom in terms of network speed and coverage.
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    Awesome giveaway: Win an LG Q6 with Vodacom Red

    Tiger Fish