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  1. Ivanr

    Unrestricted APN

    @Skyhigh -I spoke to a call centre person and senior Vodacom rep today clearly stating that the Unrestricted APN has NOT BEEN DISCONTINUED. Sir your posting is FAKE news:thumbsdown: Complete this form...
  2. Ivanr

    Sports associations want vaccinated fans at stadiums

    Yes please, then our WPA Running Clubs can host our calendar events with spectators.
  3. Ivanr

    Government steering South Africa into hard lockdown over December

    Yes please, especially this Dr Coetzee the real "fear mongering" pea in the pod as with many others.
  4. Ivanr

    I would like to know how to request for vodacom network pole installation into my property in the rural area. For cellphone and internet network

    @Dee'Barge - A Very simple procedure, namely, 1-Compose a email to 1.1- Stating clearly your motivational reasons for your request. 1.2- Supply your area details and Gps coordinates. 2- Ensure that you receive a Service Reference number. 2.1- Allow for 7 business days...
  5. Ivanr

    Fixed LTE contract address not registered

    @Pierrelouw - If you call 082 1906 alt 082 1950 your questions should answered :)
  6. Ivanr

    How to stop disappearing airtime on Vodacom

    Never had this problem on "Windows 10 Mobile phone" Lumia 950XL but the App builders needed income so this " Android" Sh**t was pushed to make it the norm.
  7. Ivanr

    Vodacom New Contract Billing Query

    @techy01 - The Vodacom billing principal as follow. Bill run for C3D is 1st day of month versus M2M systems on 3rd day of month. 1) Contract Subscriptions billed/payable in advance. 2) Value added services billed/payable in advance. 3) Usage eg. Voice minutes, data etc. payable end month This...
  8. Ivanr

    Activate international calls?

    All here, just read,read and read. Link: Should active by default on Prepaid and TopUp On open ended contract contact Customer Services by Email:
  9. Ivanr

    MyBroadband Mobile Network Quality Report for Q2 2021 released

    Well said with this true fact!
  10. Ivanr

    Unrestricted APN

    @Ledigimate - We have not had a Vodacom Rep here for many,many years.....! ...
  11. Ivanr

    Canon Lide 100 Flatbed Scanner Price?

    Thanks all noted
  12. Ivanr

    Canon Lide 100 Flatbed Scanner Price?

    Wonder if this forum could please provide me with a guide purchase/resell for a used Lide 100 scanner in good working condition?
  13. Ivanr

    Vodacom Legal Advice

    @ahf - 120% QSL
  14. Ivanr

    Vodacom Blacklisted IP addresses : can't send email

    @Candice Cooper - Sorry to see you have issues with your connection, but there is a hard lesson to learn - Avoid the Vodashop and related franchises for any assistance, it is what we call Cavit Emptor - Beware. We would suggest using the following method to resolve your issues. Compose a...
  15. Ivanr

    Network Capacity in Kleinmond

    @williamveeden - The most effective method to resolve/request/suggestion any matter with Vodacom and have an reasonable acceptable answer is, namely Compose a properly constructed Email message to clearly stating your request/problem/suggestion. The Vodacom response...
  16. Ivanr

    Vodacom & Dropped/Failed Calls

    1)-Calls made making use of GSM protocol Radio Frequency to a tower then along a fibre/copper link to the tower connected GSM Frequency by the recipient of your call = Non Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP. In good Rx/Tx areas no connection issues. 2)- Calls from your phone using VOIP = Data...
  17. Ivanr

    Vodacom & Dropped/Failed Calls

    Proviso: If not connected via VOIP, only then all goes well without dropping calls and if both parties are in good Rx/Tx areas.
  18. Ivanr

    Vodacom & Dropped/Failed Calls

    I am of the opinion that this poor call quality etc. can attributed to the extensive use of VOIP instead of the old good solid copper Telkom lines. 1-Calls initiated from VC to VC are of good quality and connection EDIT: If not connected via VOIP. 2- Calls initiated from VC to other VOIP call...
  19. Ivanr

    Proof of ownership ?

    Yes try the RICA process!
  20. Ivanr

    vodamail out of office - auto reply msg?

    We are extremely surprised that Vodamail is still in existence taking into account all the other services in 2021 that offer full Imap and Pop services. Vodamail at the time of launch only offered Pop and Imap4 services.