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  1. Glock26

    Any POPI Act experts?

    Hypothetical question. Let's say you run a large forum based in South Africa that has 99% international members. Would POPI be applicable to any overseas members that may be exposed as scammers or have their pictures hosted and outed? Would an international person be able to use the services of...
  2. Glock26

    Any comments on the following hosts?

    I know there are some well recommended hosts here like Absolute etc. But wondering if anyone has any comments on the following hosts for VPS hosting......please only comment on these guys if you have experience with them. Telasera 1-Grid Red Cactus Web-Telecoms. Please elaborate if you have...
  3. Glock26

    iPhone 5 3G signal vs 4

    Went from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5, on MTN. My house is on the border of 3G signal....goes from 3G to Edge and back. But usually can get 3G ok. So I give the iPhone 4 to my gf, as surely the 5 must be better, right? Hmm..maybe not. Now I get to sit there and watch my phone sit firmly with...
  4. Glock26

    iPad wifi over PPPOE?

    Ok, I am sure it is very apparent that I don't know too much about networking..but here goes anyways. Just been given a wifi iPad to go with my iPhone 4. Obviously with wifi only, I need to get this thing connected to the net, as it has no 3G (anyone wanna trade?..LOL) However at home, me...
  5. Glock26

    Nashua Mobile - Ripoff with iPhone

    After being told that Nashua won't be getting iPhones, suddenly today they let their customers know that they do have some in stock. All ready to sign my upgrade, I asked them to email me the contracts. Yeah....they can keep their iPhones. Anytime 200 IPHONE 4 16GB 407.70 per month...
  6. Glock26

    iPhone 3GS Irritations

    Ok, so my previous iPhone 3G was stolen, and has been replaced with a 3GS 16 Gb by insurance. I was planing on buying a 4 when they are released, but in the meantime I have this one to set up and use. Have just unpacked it and charged it, and now starting to discover all those little...