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  1. mojoman

    WTF Vodacom

    Last few days its been a nightmare with Vodacon and Rain. Signal is on and off all over this area. 3 bar - then 1 bar - then no service... Network Cell Info app shopws Vodacom around -140 dBm and then it goes off... (MTN is around -100) RAIN also not working. Anyone have any contacts for...
  2. mojoman

    Attempted murder case opened after elderly woman wounded at Maphatsoe funeral Lol....My original headline was way better........
  3. mojoman

    RHCSA exam centre

    Where does one write the Red Hat exams now? It seems they no longer partner with Pearson Vue and Torque IT dont answer phones or emails....Thanks.
  4. mojoman

    ITIL found 4

    Has anyone done this exam it even worth doing...I thought it might help me with HR and getting some interviews at least.... If anyone has any advice that would be great, thanks.
  5. mojoman

    Vodacom taking paid for data without making this known....

    I had a 10G+10G data plan...contract has expired but I just needed to keep the number available for a second number/data backup on my dual SIM phone. I went to a 500MB package....Vodacom then saw it fit to take over 20G of already PAID FOR data as apparently you don't keep your data (my PAID FOR...
  6. mojoman

    Vodacom email quarantine problems

    All of sudden my emails (being sent using Vodacom smtp) are now being quarantined with the message as below, anyone else having this issue? I love the line about 'collateral damage', the only damage being done is to my business as I cannot send out enquiries now and wasting time means losing...