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    Better fibre modem-router than TP-Link?

    I have a TP-Link Archer C20 modem-router and looking to replace it with something a bit more stable. This is the standard device many ISP's seem to be giving out as their "free" modem but there is some truth in the old saying of "nothing is for free"... My previous ISP sent me a replacement...
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    Do I need synchronous fibre?

    2 person family. We watch Netflix and Youtube most nights. I don't play online games but will download games and patches from the Xbox store. I am a software developer so sometimes work from home, connecting to our office VPN and often having multiple RDP sessions open, connecting to databases...
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    How to re-sell DSTV decoders?

    Hi all I have two HD-PVR decoders that I have no interest in using anymore. What do I do with it? I heard you have to write a letter granting permission to the buyer or something like that...??? If that's the case it might be easier to just have them collected by our local e-waste guys. Since...
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    Not such a great move to Absolute Hosting

    My wife has a small business for which I develop and maintain her website. I am mostly a .Net developer so need Windows hosting. After Cybersmart recently shutdown their Windows hosting I moved the domain and hosting to Absolute Hosting. They seemed to come highly recommended and one of the few...
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    Can 35mm film lens be used on digital bodies?

    I have a 170-500mm Sigma telescopic lens that I use with my old 35mm film SLR camera. Is this lens usable on a modern digital SLR camera?
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    Legit movie streaming service in SA

    Does it exist? Is there any online service one can subscribe to or even just pay per movie to watch typical Hollywood block busters? I don't mean things 10 years and older like you find on Netflix or DSTV Box Office. Or even then, for some reason things like the Star Wars movies, Lord of the...
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    SA Public Holiday Web Service or RSS Feed

    Any developers here that know of such a thing or if it exists? Official public holidays can be found on the web site but the RSS feeds they offer has nothing related that I can see. A web service (API) would be first prize actually...has anyone...
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    Home proxy for internet usage monitoring?

    Hi all I'd like to setup something on my home network to enable usage monitoring per pc/device. I want to know who is using how much data over my DSL network. This goes for any device connected i.e. PS3, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smart tv, desktop and home server. I have a single...
  9. N DNS server and TotoLink router

    Hi all Whilst investigating connection issues with my home network I noticed doing the usual ipconfig /all that I have not one, but two DNS servers. The usual default and then another of A quick nslookup reveals it as which seems to be a Korean DNS...
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    .Net possibilities and general life in Durban

    Hi all I'm considering moving from Cape Town to Durban for various reasons. I'm a developer with 20 years experience and although most people of that calibre end up in management, I still prefer to keep my hands dirty with coding :-) Started and mainframe Cobol, Natural/Adabas many years ago...
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    WANTED: Windows XP

    Greetings all I've got old hardware that besides the harddrive that recently failed, is still running nicely. Scanner etc still working well and no need or desire to replace any of it. I had to replace the harddrive and somehow managed to loose my original XP CD. Retailers I've called so far...
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    Torque wrench advice please

    For those of you that tinker on cars or are motor mechanics, I'm looking at buying a torque wrench for DIY use. Any advice? Good brands? Bad brands? Hows the Geodore stuff? Looks like there are different types like "click adjustable" and "quick release"? Will mainly be used to torque...