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    Apple ID

    can I add another Apple ID to my MacBook Pro? I have the first iPad mini and a different Apple ID. for that I wanted to add that to my MacBook Pro is it possible how would I do that?
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    FNB Home Affairs

    Hi what is the process to get a smart ID through FNB? I have an FNB Branch that does this in Green Point Cape Town what is the process?
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    Contract work Tax

    are contract workers Taxed differently? I started a 3 month Contract and ive asked them how much I will be Taxed they cant tell me. do you think its the normal 25%?
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    iPhone headphones to headphone jack

    what is the cheapest headphone jack to get I have iPhone headphones that I need to use on a iMac to have Teams Meetings and the iMac has a headphones jack. I need to buy a converter. where can I get one from im in Cape Town. thanks
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    PayPal money is Pending

    hi has anyone else experienced this before? my PayPal money has been put not hold. I did some Retouching for a photographer (who is in Australia) and she paid me this morning via PayPal I just wanted to know how to get around the Money being Pending/ on hold
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    Freelancing some of your experience

    I was up till 3am sending work off to an Australian Woman it was sent a big job. I did a whole lot of photoshop work then afterwards she asked me to place it in a Lightroom Catalog She won't pay me now, I don't have Adobe Lightroom. have you had a similar experience?
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    WeTransfer slow

    I sent a large folder and the WeTransfer link took about half an hour to be sent to my email address. this is the first time its ever taken so long. has anyone else experienced this?
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    32 day account

    I opened a 32 day account over 20 years ago. I wanted to know can you add money to a 32 day account|? it's a very small amount.
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    travel stories

    do you have any travel stories you can share? I hadn't travelled in a while and for my 40th Birthday I decided to go on holiday and at the time the cheapest place was Thailand. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. as I was waiting to go through both my shoes havaianas flops broke...
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    JUST IN | Arthur Fraser admits board did not approve medical parole for Zuma
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    Contract Work

    what questions to ask the employer when they offer you a contract job?
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    why hasn't anyone designed something that charges your phone quickly?
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    ibank! who are they?

    I was waiting a month for this one client to pay me, then today after many emails and an unanswered phone call they paid me from an Ibank account. ive never heard of Ibank who are they?
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    Concerns about the iPhone 6 I sold 2 years ago

    about 2 years ago I sold my iPhone 6 I wiped the phone to factory settings they took 2 years to use the phone and when they turned the phone on it asked for the pin code to unlock the phone obviously it was cleared or wiped to factory settings so I didn't have one they took the phone to unlock...
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    Do you earn the same amount as your co-workers?

    if you work in an office with people doing the same job as you do you think you get paid the same amount? & you have the same experience
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    changing from ABSA to FNB

    ive been with ABSA for 15 years now and ive just had enough of them and I was thinking of moving to FNB. I only stayed with them because of the last company I worked for and it was quicker to get my salary but now I work for myself and I need a change. and setting up PayPal would be easy any...
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    apple Terminal

    can anyone tell me why in terminal it said Restored 03 Aug 2021 5:33:21 pm why did it do that?
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    money gram or PayPal

    im receiving a once off payment from someone is it easier to send the money via money gram or PayPal?
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    absa app

    I havnt been using the ABSA app for very long is there a way of telling if there's money waiting to clear?
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    What is the weirdest item you have found in food?

    what's the weirdest thing you found in food?