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  1. patrick123

    TTGO Camera and PIR units.

    So I got 2 of these TTGO units from Alibaba, (thanks to my kind son and his work colleagues for ordering them). Basically, a camera, PIR motion detector and a push button. The BME280 was not on the board but not serious. Flashed EspHome on them, set them up in HA, and they simply worked. My...
  2. patrick123

    Grafana Query

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to use Grafana as a predictive/forecasting system. Essentially, I am trying to get the graph to show 4 to 5 months into the future, What ever I put into the time shift field, whether positive or negative, it always takes as a negative and does not want to show my future...
  3. patrick123

    Getting started with docker.

    Eventually we tend to move from the Raspi setup or simply jump in the deep end with an old computer. Here, I hope to assist you guys starting a setup without having to search all over to get up and going. BTW I went the Home Assistant route and not the Hassio docker. These are the most...
  4. patrick123

    5 Killed, including gunman, 21 injured in west texas shooting
  5. patrick123

    Sanral argues the case for why Outa is wrong about costs.