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    Netflix SA - Orange is the new black s05 and s06?

    So the wife just finished season 4 of OITNB on Netflix, but it seems we don't have season 5 and 6 available? Everyone else also experiencing this with standard Netflix subscription?
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    Pixel 2 XL vs Samsung S8 Plus

    So I'm moving to the USA shortly, and I'm long overdue a new phone. Due to budget constraints I'm not in the market for the newer gen phones, so I'm looking at one of the two in the title. Anyone have any meaningful experiences/insights on the topic? A general Google search and some forums...
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    Shipping my PC overseas

    Is it financially feasable and practical to ship my PC overseas when I move? And how? Not sure if I'm in the correct sub forum here, but hoping to get some insight here... I have seen a couple of other threads on the topic but the most recent thread I could find is from early 2015, so was...
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    Need to pick an ISP. Help!

    So I'm new to your community, but I've noticed that most people on here are super critical, so I thought it would be a nice platform to get some valuable input on which ISPs to trust/avoid. Moving out of the house means no more free internet :cry: and I now have to shop around for something...