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    Amazon and Shipping cameras

    Hey guys, About to pull out my hair. After almost two weeks and using about 400 rand to try sort out this I am just about done. I had ordered a Sony A7II as well as two lenses from Amazon (supplied by them too) and it was due last week Thursday by DHL express. Tracking showed that it was not...
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    [W] iMac 27 or 21 inch

    Item wanted (be very descriptive): looking for an iMac 27" (or a 21" if need be) must be retina. Is packaging essential?: no Desired age and condition: 1 year-ish Location: KZN Willing to accept a shipped item: Perhaps, but rather not.
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    Nespresso Lattissima (RED)

    Item name: Nespresso Lattissima, & Pods Age and condition: 5 months, barely used, Excellent condition Do you include packaging: Yes- Box Warranty: Not sure Reason for selling: Upgrading Price: R 3100 Negotiable: Yes Location: Pmb, KZN Shipping or collection: Both-Shipping for buyer's account
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    Insurance on a learner driver for one day

    So my sister has asked to borrow my car for a day while she does her driver's test. I'm alright with it, but just wondering if I should be notifing my insurer (Miway)- even if it is only for a day? (and in past experiences she didn't even make it out the yard). Anyone had any experience...
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    Canon SA photography competition 2013 Get shooting! :) Categories: Let the Light in Better in Black and White Save our Planet The unposed portrait. 16 September to 01 November 2013
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    Car repayments. Wait to settle or pay in?

    I got my first car through Wesbank this year. I am able to put extra in each month, or to save for a few months and settle it completely. I was wondering- which is is the better route to go, or doesn't it really matter as in the end it will be paid off at roughly the same time? Thanks :)
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    Renault 1.6 2007. Good price or not?

    I'm about to finally acquire my first car. I've narrowed it down to a Renault Clio 3. (and yes, I've seen the numerous posts about staying away from the French) I've been looking at a few, mainly on Auto Trader or Bid or Buy. There is one I've found today: 2007 5 door Dynamic 102000 kms...
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    Samsung smart TV models Help

    I've been looking at getting one of these for awhile now. It will be my first TV so I do want it to be a good one. I have looked at the 40" ES6600 except that it's so hard to find in shops! Hi-Fi Corp said they could order it- but at a 2 week waiting period, whilst most other shops try sell me...
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    iPhone 4 & iOS 6.0.1 Lost 3G connection

    Yesterday I decided to download and install the new iOS on my device. Everything seemed to work fine, and it's Awesome- but I have lost the ability to connect to 3G. Doing a google search seems that some others (over seas) have the same trouble, yet none of their solutions have helped (i.e...
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    Durban Photographic rental places?

    Hey, I'm looking for a place or individual that hires out Canon equipment in the Durban Area- Specifically a 24-70mm and 70-200mm and a few flash units. Thanks.