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    IMF sends growth warning to South Africa

    I am sure ANC will think of something to make it much worse. New year new BEE rules and new corruption ideas.
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    SAA staff on strike, no equity partner, and flight and support uncertainty

    Where is those guys that said "This time it will be different" Yeah right, when I said they will be asking for money or bailout something will go wrong before the end of the year.
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    Farm Attacks

    @KSM93 Why do people entertain this little EFF supporter? Put him on ignore and move on. There is no reason, or no way anyone will change his mind or any functional brain cell... Was going to give many reasons, but he is not worth my time!
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    ‘Yeah, right!’ — What you said about the EFF’s plan to build RDP houses in Sandton

    Rich normally buy where they buy because there is less poor. The problem with poor people and places where the poor live, is also where most of the crime is. What will happen Sandton will just turn into another Sh!thole city and people with money will move again to a nicer area. This is just...
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    Worst Vehicle Drivers - Highways

    How is Taxi's not the worse, no matter where they drive. They drive like cnts.
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    How much drivers tip petrol attendants in South Africa

    We are already paying their salaries why do we need to tip them as well? Just putting it out there. Increase in fuel levy to pay for petrol pump attendant salaries
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    ANC chokes on R200m debt and disorder ahead of polls

    They won't go quietly and will totally destroy SA in the process.
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    Johnson & Johnson’s Booster Shot Prevents Severe Infection

    I have not even gone for the first shot and people already want the booster shot.
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    Absa mulls new R9.6 billion empowerment plan

    Always wanted to close my ABSA. They actually gave me a good reason close it now.
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    More South Africans will likely quit their jobs and emigrate in the coming months: expert

    Since when do they "ANC" learn from their mistakes? When will the voters learn from their mistakes? They the people in this case are just to dumb or ignorant to make the right decisions.
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    Outrider autonomous trucks – The next big thing for self-driving EVs

    Will have to make it Africa proof. Maybe mount flame throwers and turrets.
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    Top executives are not optimistic about what lies ahead for South Africa

    But, come election time, and they will still vote for the very people destroyed everything ANC. There is just no hope for these idiots.
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    Lockdown may lift by March 2022

    This is only about 2 years too late...
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    R1.3 billion on fixing riot damage at Pep, Ackermans, HiFi Corp, Tekkie Town

    Should just closedown, make them suffer. Feel the pain and consequences of their actions.
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    Property giant reveals devastating impact of South Africa’s economy on business, with Sandton vacancies at 25%

    At least the lockdown saved 1% of the 1% of people that could have possibly have died from Covid.
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    SAA will need to upgrade fleet to compete outside Africa

    Said it yesterday, that it won't be long until something comes up and they need more money. Thought it would at least take until end of October. But here we are 1 Day later and only opening flights next week on 23 September and already talking about needing new stuff and money.
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    SAA to take flight next week with plans to recover its former glory

    How many days, before they ask for another bailout or complaining about situation out of their control. Bet there will be Something before end of October.