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  1. TofuMofu

    [Sale] 2x Samsung LF27T350F 27" FHD IPS Monitors

    Item: Samsung LF27T350F 27" FHD IPS Monitors SOLD Age: Purchased on 30/01/2021 Price: R2500 Warranty: 17 months of warranty remaining Packaging: Original packaging available Condition: Both are in excellent condition. No scratches or any other damage whatsoever Location: Pretoria East Reason...
  2. TofuMofu

    Hypothetical scenario - Investments

    I'm interested in seeing how people would go about investing R15mil that they got from say a very good investment into crypto or maybe winning the lottery. How would you invest this amount to live off of it if you had no intention of growing it and retiring later? AKA how would you maximise...
  3. TofuMofu

    JNCIA (Juniper) study material

    Hi there Does anyone know where I could find the latest JNCIA (Juniper) study material? I have really old documentation (2008) that I used last time I wrote, but I need to write it again (expired a long time ago) for work reasons.
  4. TofuMofu

    Pre-order iPhone 8 from MyiStore Can't decide if I want the Plus or not :/ I want the camera of the plus, but not the size...
  5. TofuMofu

    Weird system message

    Hi So I got this weird as spam message on my iPhone 6 just now (see attached image). How the hell did I get it and how do I stop it? It's not a SMS...popped up on my phone. Kinda concerning...
  6. TofuMofu

    iPhone 4s iOS8 and Wi-Fi issue

    Hi So a friend of mine updated his iOS to 8 and now 8.0.2 on his iPhone 4s. Now he has an issue where the WiFi icon is not selectable. It is grayed out as if not available. He's done everything from resetting the phone and network settings and rebooting the phone etc etc, but it still...
  7. TofuMofu

    iMessage slow

    Hi Has anyone noticed that iMessage is slow since iOS 8? I've had this issue on and off since upgrading and so has another friend of mine. I have a 5c and he has the 4s.
  8. TofuMofu

    iPhone and Exchange emails

    Hi there I'm unable to find anything on the internet about this issue. I have an exchange email account for work that I would like to be able to receive on my iPhone. Problem is, I only want to check it manually as I don't always need to see the emails on my phone. Is this possible? I...
  9. TofuMofu

    BG Leveling

    I decided to roll a Wargen Rogue (actually changed my lvl 25 Gnome Rogue to a Worgen :p ) and use him for PvP mostly. I then realized how much XP you get from winning (yes winning...losing is pointless waste of time :p) Battle Grounds! It is completely a viable way of leveling and so much fun...