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    MTN Incorrectly Suspends Account due to NonPayment

    This morning im fuming as MTN has suspended my account due to non-payment even though payment was processed last week and even received an acknowledgement from MTN that they had received the payment. Previously we could dial 808 to get to accounts but number has changed to 135. Guess what, you...
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    Tshwane Prepaid Metering offline 01/06/2016

    Tshwane prepaid metering systems are currently offline and they cannot process any prepaid electricity purchases. I run a business from home office and am left at their mercy. All online prepaid payment systems such as prepaid24 , electronic banking, are down. 3rd party payment points from...
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    Does Cell Tower radiation pose a risk to our health?

    Hi All My son (Gr7) is doing a school science project and has decided on doing a project on Cell Tower Radiation and Related health risks. Quite a contentious issue currently. Could you please help by doing a quick survey (7 questions). I will make the stats...
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    WARNING, Google Docs Phish, "I shared a document with you"

    Hi Guys There is a phishing email making the rounds re opening a document. This takes you to a phish website which prompts you for your gmail access details. DO NOT PROVIDE THESE DETAILS!. Your account will be comprimized. Based on the number of emails I have been receiving today from...