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    Have you stopped using Afrihost this month, or thinking about it?

    So I was just wondering, and wanted to get a rough idea (cause we'll never see those numbers) of how many people have cancelled their account or are thinking about leaving...
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    Port Cell number to VOIP?

    Hey there I'm not sure if this has been asked before (I did search but didn't find anything - could have used the wrong keywords), but my cellphone contract is expiring and was thinking of possibly doing the following: Porting from CellC over to MTN(CellC is quite shocking - had two...
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    Telkom Wholesale

    Hello mybb Does anyone that frequents this forum have the contact number for telkom's wholesale department. I recently migrated my line to Mweb and am waiting for a speed increase(to 1mb) and it is obviously not mweb's area as they just use telkom's line, and thus i need to contact telkom for...