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    Car Insurance Rant

    I am currenlty using a 17 year old car. Never bought a new one because of how high insurance would be. Now I decide I want to buy a Honda Jazz as I was told by the car dealer its not a high theft vehicle. I've not had an accident in the past 5 years. I've had a license for 17 years. Garage in...
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    Mweb 1Mbps premium customers and Telkom free Nov speed doubling for 1Mbps to 2Mbps

    The Sept Telkom announcement says Telkom are starting with a phased approach to upgrade ADSL line speeds from 11 Nov 2013 with a December January network freeze period. I am currently on Mweb 1Mbps premium and the jump in price to 2Mbps premium is quite high. R199 to R369 pm so I'd rather...
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    Whats up with the free Scientology stress tests in SA

    Today while doing afternoon shopping just outside pick n pay in the Centurion Mall there is a big sign that says "Free stress test" There is about 5 stations each with an assistant, Dynetics book prominently displayed and a medical type looking machine with 2 metal rods at each. The metal rods...
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    MTN Service provider Yellow Mobile you are A-holes

    Yellow Mobile you are the worst bunch of worms phoning me with your promotion at 18:30 at night in a condescending way and when I put the phone down you send me and SMS saying you are going to spam me in future with promotional SMSs and there is no unsubscribe option. FU Yellow mobile :mad:
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    Windows 8 Skype app

    Is it just me or does this app suck. MS killed MS messenger so I though they would have designed something more UI friendly. For example if you want to add a new contact it jumps from docked to fullscreen mode and you then have to do a search in the charms bar. It just gives me the feeling of...
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    Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard replacement (even old)

    I am looking for a keyboard for a Lenovo thinkpad T500. even if you have old broken Thinkpad (T,Z or R series) the keyboard should work.
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    Rugby Refcam

    The refcam was trialed during a Super 15 match in Australia. Pretty cool. This is the way all sport television could go.
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    Two routers on one ADSL line not working

    I have two adsl router on one 38K line. A Netgear DG834 and a Telkom one port pots router Both sync indivudally weh nthe other one is not connected. But as soon as I put on the Netgear the other router doesn't sync and the DSL light just flashes. Can you run two routers of the same ADSL...