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    Matrix 4 gets a release date

    Trailer looks amazing. Can't wait for it.
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    Another thread from the swamp...

    Any person raising a child for a year will form an unbreakable bond with that child. For a year you thought she was yours. I am surprised that you are actually distancing yourself from her. Anyways, I feel for you. Kak situation to be in.
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    SARS warns against claiming home office expenses

    I claimed for HO expense for the first time this year and I got audited. In all fairness, there was a pop-up message on e-filing that said an audit is likely. I submitted the following supporting documents thereafter, as requested by SARS: 1. Letter from your employer stating that you are...
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    Vodacom total disregard for customers

    Don't you want to explain a bit further?
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    What's the best android tv box/tv stick to buy?

    I have been using the Mi Box and the Telkom LIT box for a few years. Both are great. I prefer the LIT Box
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    Loot Vouchers Thread

    Any loot vouchers for new buyers?
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    Yamaha R-S202 Bluetooth Amplifier - SALE

    Is this still for sale?
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    DSTV no Audio

    Tried the last 2 fixes. Still not working
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    Spacers for Wall Mounting a TV

    I've watched many YouTube unboxing videos of Samsung TVs (couldn't find my exact model though). Spacers came with TV, but not the screws. The wall brackets also had spacers, but not the same ones
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    DSTV no Audio

    Got same audio issue with new smart TV. Only Dstv audio.does not work. Will try these 2 fixes when I get home
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    Spacers for Wall Mounting a TV

    So my TV got delivered today, Samsung, model QA55Q60TAK. I want to mount the TV on the lounge wall, using existing bracket I have. I bought the M8 screws as mentioned in the manual. I see there are no spacers included with the TV. Those 4 little, normally black, internal sheath spacers. The...
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    Performance Pills

    I have also heard that cialias works great. But it's a prescription drug. Long ago I tried a spray that decreases the sensitivity of penis. That worked well and made me last longer. Got this from Takealot. There are also condoms to help with marathon sessions. Some are made of thicker rubber...
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    Devi is leaving??

    Interesting. I wonder whether it will be just another talk show or something where we will continue to see her investigative journalism abilities
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    Help me understand Car Insurance

    Try Legalwise for legal cover, if you want some to fight for you in court
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    KZN south coast stab victim baffled by pardoning of man who attacked him

    This is shocking. The cANCer is spreading. All those victims should be on the lookout. I think these criminals will be targeting them again
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    Orthodontics Medical Cover

    Thanks. Will ask if they do the payment plan option.
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    Orthodontics Medical Cover

    Hi all. My current medical aid plan, Discovery Classic Saver, pays out for teeth braces from the medical savings account. This will not be nearly enough to cover braces. Anyone know whether there is a separate medical cover for braces? Thanks