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    Telkom LIT Box

    Item Wanted: Telkom LIT Box. Packaging Essential: Not Really Desired Age: Under 3 Years Location: Cape Town Northern Suburbs. Willing to Pay Around R400 to R600 Preferably local so I can collect ot have it dropped off.
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    Return to Afrihost

    Hi there. A few years ago I was an Adsl customer of Afrihost. I would now like to sign up for Fibre When trying to access the Client Zone it sends a OTP to a number I no longer have. How can I change this?
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    Go Option legit?

    Hey guys. I have been contacted by a company called Go Option saying my number was chosen for a free holiday that I entered some time back.... In my experience there's no such thing as a free lunch. Anyone else been contacted? Is this a bs timeshare / Holiday club type thing?
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    Hey guys. Looking for some insight into this new ISP. I'm looking to relocate to Paarl and this seems to be the only ISP that services the area. Can I use another ISP with Herotel infrastructure? The prices on the website is daylight robbery compared to what I am paying at the moment not to...
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    SARS Tax return assistance needed

    Hi all Is here anyone that works at SARS that can assist me with a return? I have been calling and not getting much assistance. About a month ago I was told that audit has been completed and just awaiting payment authorization, should take 7 days. Called a week after the 7 days and nobody can...
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    New all day Unlimited 4G R479

    Hey guys. I was considering getting this but it states up to 10Mbps and video will be capped to 360p. I am currently on the R250 package and did a speed test Sunday and got 28Mbps which is what i normally get give or take 3Mbps. Today however nothing past 10Mbps???? Has all 4G been maxed at...
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    Website for resturant

    Hi all. I'm looking for some advice on a website/ecommerce service for a resturant similar to shopify that customers can create orders and also setup delivery charges based on location. Will also need to make use of local credit cards, reports and track stock etc. Anyone know of a service i can...
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    LG or Huawei?

    Hey guys, I need some help deciding on my next device. I have been using Huawei for a number of years and everyone in my household has a Huawei.... However.. looking at the new range I'm not too keen on the changes on the mid to high end range... No 3.5mm jack, headphones are USB-C or you have...
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    CI module in newer TVs

    Hey all, is there any way to make use of this feature in RSA for additional channels? This would be a great solution to have no decoders and only a single remote. Anyone tried using this with a local Smart Card?