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    Is Evetech legit?

    21 May 2021, 14:45 I5 11400 upgrade kit Okay so I previously bought a upgrade kit from Evetech and Apon receiving the items I noticed the motherboard I received had a lose USB hosing and the static plastic was not sealed, this made me think that Evetech sent me a second hand motherboard, I...
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    2020 Takealot Vouchers Thread 2.0 (Everyone Welcome)

    Someone is eating these codes in silence
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    Makro Giveaway - Enter now and win R2,000 cash

    LG 164 cm (65") Smart Nano Cell with ThinQ TV I managed to buy the Hisense 65uhd from Makro nd just last week I purchased the Dell 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor awesome deals and very satisfied.
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    2020 TakeAlot Voucher Code Thread

    Is there no active codes at the moment?
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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    Merry Christmas everyone any codes out
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    2019 Takealot Thread (Only 4 Beggers)

    Any codes out as yet?
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    The Premium PC Games For Free Thread

    Anyone managed to get "the last of us 2" on pc?
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    That's how it's spelt bro, one of a kind

    That's how it's spelt bro, one of a kind
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    Any codes?

    Any codes?
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Great attitude keep it up. Sounds like a political leader already
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    Also waiting

    Also waiting