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    Synology DS220j NAS Review

    I was recently gifted a NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit, the DS220j made by Synology. Having never owned a NAS before, the most I knew about it was what the acronym stood for, and that it was like having a hard drive connected to the internet. It is a very cool and useful gift, so I decided...
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    PDFCreator v1.6.0 Installer Problems - Blank Screens

    Hi everyone, I use PDFCreator a lot in my work and got prompted today to upgrade to the newest version, v1.6.0, which was released last Thursday. (link: ) I downloaded the installer and all was going well until I hit the Setup screens where you...
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    Looking for Wedding Photo Shoot Location in Tembisa

    Hey all, I am photographing a wedding on December 10th in Tembisa. I have 2 issues that I need to resolve: 1. I have no idea where the wedding is being held. The address I have been given makes no sense. Not even Google knows where this venue is. I had to request more information from the...
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    Excessive Petties Charge by Lawyers On Property Bond Registration?

    Hi guys, A friend is in the process of buying their first house and is being charged an excessive amount for petties by the bond registration lawyers. The property cost 600k. The bank's bond initiation fee was R5700. There is no transfer tax payable. The transferring attorneys' total fee was...
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    Anyone familiar with nTouch (Web-based SMS Service?)

    I was wondering if anybody has had any dealings with a company/service called nTouch. They offer a web-based SMS service across all the networks and specialise in bulk SMS bundles. I came across them because it's one of the current Wicount specials and I am considering trying them out. What...
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    Beginner DSLR Wanted: Body only, new or 2nd-hand. Any advice?

    Hey all, I am looking for a good quality but relatively basic DSLR for a family member. We only need the body since we are going to be using a Spotting Scope permanently instead of a lens. We will get the scope adapter ring once we have the camera body. We're open to any brand, but we're...