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  1. Leo_

    VW DSG – Why it’s more than just an automatic gearbox

    Poorly written article with minimal research and limited fact checking. TopAuto is a joke of motoring journalism.
  2. Leo_

    Motoring Journalism Internship – Apply now

    TopAuto is basically a meme now
  3. Leo_

    Best bang-for-your-buck cars launched in 2021

    When I think of value for money, the Audi RS6 is always first on my list. Yup.
  4. Leo_

    Your current "want to buy" car

    A childhood dream of mine: 348:love:
  5. Leo_

    Bad Parking Pictures

    Thanks for raising my BP and making me angry at a photo :thumbsup:
  6. Leo_

    New Honda Fit hatchback in South Africa – Pricing and details

    Honda have been known to be a little more expensive than the Japanese competition - but I do think these are competitively priced. I still maintain that Honda is made by engineers and Toyota is made by accountants. Car prices in general have sky-rocketed.
  7. Leo_

    How much the monthly instalments are for a new VW Tiguan

    What’s that smell in this thread…? Ah….sour grapes!
  8. Leo_

    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    If we're talking about permanent, then that's really very rare (I've personally not seen it). We wouldn't want to risk such a budget on such low experience. Contingency on the other hand is extremely lucrative - and we've hired for R700p.h for under 10 years expereience. However if we find a...
  9. Leo_

    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it? The average South African’s real take-home pay for May 2021 was R12,650
  10. Leo_

    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    R650k after 5 years of experience is really well done. You are in the minority of South Africans, seeing as most won’t see that even after they retire. That being said, most big corporates have a maximum budget for senior software developers - this fluctuates around R900k - R1.4m p/a...
  11. Leo_

    Which ergonomic chair to get?

    I can’t recommend the Merryfair WAU enough. I have the chair for a smidge over a year now and it still feels and looks brand spanking new. Its really well built, and just feels hefty, solid, and premium. Also it is very adjustable so you will...
  12. Leo_

    OpenWeb's Poor Security

    I did a password reset this evening (01-June-2021) on OpenWeb's website and I was met with one of the scariest emails I've seen in a long time. Email (spoofed info): Now if you do not understand why this is scary, it's because the password was emailed in plain text. Why is it scary? OpenWeb...
  13. Leo_

    Fortuner, Everest or ...?

    For me the Fortuner is a bit of an off-shoot when compared to Toyota's other SUVs. I feel like the SUV progression is something like CH-R -> RAV4 -> Land Cruiser 150 (Prado) -> Land Cruiser 200 (300). The Fortuner is just a Hilux with 7-seats and a SUV body (albeit slightly better suspension)...
  14. Leo_

    Kia Sonet - ludicrous pricing, what a rip off (IMHO)

    :oops: Not everyone is born with a silver spoon up their pretentious behind, nor is everyone a self-made millionaire. There‘s nothing wrong with financing a vehicle if one doesn’t have that kind of disposable cash on hand. Its just that one shouldn’t overreach with their purchase (balloons...
  15. Leo_

    From 10GB to 1TB - Here are the best mobile deals

    Where are the sources for these deals? I couldn't find Vodacom's Red Hot Data Contract 20GB @ R149 - It's quoted at R199
  16. Leo_

    2017 Mazda CX-5 (Gen 2)

    Another possibility could be the OEM pads are a softer variety, so they wear out much quicker. You would notice a lot of brake dust on your rims (black). But I think that’s a good plan getting someone to check it out. Hope you come right. :thumbsup:
  17. Leo_

    10 SUVs and crossovers taking on the new Subaru XV

    I don't think some of these truly compete with the XV. I think minimum requirement should be AWD if it wants to compete with the XV.
  18. Leo_

    2017 Mazda CX-5 (Gen 2)

    The uneven break wear could be due to your discs. Good to check the thickness and evenness of the discs out. And that‘s very high brake wear. How often do you take your CX-5 around the Kyalami circuit? :laugh: