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  1. J ARK: Survival Evolved local server online

    GAMERSInc. ARK Survival Evolved server. XEON 6 Cores - 12 GB RAM - Cape Town DC - 1 GBe Breakout Status: Server Name: Server IP/Host...
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    Huawei ascend mate 7 + LG G4 + HTC M9 Vodacom Smart L pricing

    Went to vodacom yesterday since I need to upgrade. Wrote down the quoted price on the VODACOM SMART L contract. Per Month price = HANDSET + SIM Huawei ascend mate 7 (ETA 1-2 weeks) R 739 pm R 3379 Cash HTC One M9 (confirmed stock) R 779 pm R 5129 Cash LG G4 (ETA 1-2 weeks) R 729 pm R 4069 Cash
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    ARMA 3 50% Discount

    For those that are planning to buy the discounted ARMA3: Local scene information: FB Group: Gamersinc FB Page King of the Hill Server: [72 Players]...
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    RAZER FIFA12 XBOX360 'HomeCup' Finals

    Hi For those of you that missed the LIVE streaming event from the GamerNET Gaming House in Bellville, Cape Town for the RAZER FIFA12 XBOX360 'HomeCup' Tournament. Here is the link. It was really close... check the end. Great event, with Red...
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    Razer South Africa Competition #2 - Razer Abyssus

    Hi Gamers The 2nd competition from Razer South Africa is currently LIVE. for more details or Regards
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    M-Web Gaming Traffic Trails

    M-Web requires some gamers to test a new package and give feedback. For more information check it out on Ventus Gaming -
  7. J Starcraft 2 (2v2) One Day Cup will be hosting a Starcraft 2, 2v2 Tournament this Sunday (22nd August). More information regarding the tournament will be released Wednesday on the GNET website. At the time of writing this, 11 teams already signed up with another 5 spots left. Tournament is double elimination...
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    Quake Live TDM (2v2) Tournament this Sunday 25th July

    Tournament completed
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    MWEB - 4Mbps Business Unshapped Uncapped HORRIBLE @ R2000pm

    Condition MWeb says my CISCO is sync`d at 4Mb/s Negative - When I'm lucky it spikes to ~1.3 Mb/s - Speed test indicates ~2 Mb/s, but I never get that speed. (I received my M-Web router in the last week, of last month. The pratical throughput of 3.7mbps as norm was achieved but not constant) -...
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    WebAfrica question

    Talking under correction, but AFAIK hosting an AION emulated server AKA "private server" is highly illegal, especially done by an ISP and then have minions advertise it on the internet. "PLAY AION FREE WITH 500 OTHER PEOPLE ON A 100 MBIT LINE SPONSORED BY WAGE" Should be funny to see NCsoft...
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    Hottentots-Holland WUG (Strand, S-West, Gbay, etc)

    Hi I'm busy with a site for the WUG, it will be . Would be nice if we can get a few people to get together and have a little meeting to discuss it. I can be mailed at info [at] or IRC #hhwug <- will add a page to the website soon...