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  1. Ivanr

    Canon Lide 100 Flatbed Scanner Price?

    Wonder if this forum could please provide me with a guide purchase/resell for a used Lide 100 scanner in good working condition?
  2. Ivanr

    Using Galaxy 10 S-Pen on Win 10 Tab?

    Having tried the Google being your friend to obtain difinutive answers if a Galaxy 10 Tab S-Pen wil function on a Window PC or Tab with touch screen? 1) Writing/Drawing on the screen? 2) Charging the S-Pen power source? 3) Pairing with the Windows PC Bluetooth? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ivanr

    Vodacom Content Services?

    We often wonder and have pondered why and how networks control this type of billing, if I read the various postings by persons who sling those insults eg. Vodascum etc. wondering if they would repeat them in the presence of the Ceo of Vodacom! I doubt this. I am not employed or receive anything...
  4. Ivanr

    Google Play Store?

    Wonder if any play store users have noticed this peculiar store error. The store version updated recently to version 19.6.25-all[0] [PR] 305383---- wherein all app icons are blank except eBooks, tried factory reset that did not fix the problem. The phone is running Android 9 on the Android One...
  5. Ivanr

    Billing for Premium IVR Call becarefull!!!!!

    Wondering what type of call is known as "Premium IVR" as billed by VC having seen this on billing invoice being a total mystery to us.
  6. Ivanr

    Vodacom Billing Errors

    Wonder if anyone has noted when purchasing SMS/Data once off bundles via the App or USSD, for example SMS 20 for R10/1GB Once Off Bundle for R149 to billed against your Vodacom Account.When monthly Invoice is received the R10 and R149 both have been billed with 1 cent extra eg. R10.01/R149.01...
  7. Ivanr

    Android Chrome auto history clearing?

    Wondering if we will ever see the auto clearing of browsing history etc. on our Android Chrome browsers similar to Edge on Android? Let us hear from all the droid experts out there :-)
  8. Ivanr

    Vodacom Data Roll over LIFO Not FIFO?

    Here is a heads up - Check if Vodacom is using the Data Roll Over FIFO system as required by law from 1 March 2019 on your account. We have a feeling they have skipped on a few accounts. This is NOT and April Fools Joke
  9. Ivanr

    Nokia 8 Sirocco March 2019 Security Patch?

    Wondering when/if the security patch for March will be released?
  10. Ivanr

    Android Whatsup and flash adds?

    We do not use Android or WhatsUp but see users regularly complain of display adds when using WhatsUp! Just wondering if these adds originate from the Facebook Messenger that is installed on these device or from another source like WhatsUp?
  11. Ivanr

    iphone regional phone number format settings?

    We are trying to assist a iphone 4 updated to ios7 owner with regional settings, not being a iphone user or expert I am lost. The problem is when trying to send a Premium SMS eg. 32250 this fails as the phone inserts brackets in the number. Also noticed that all contacts phone numbers on the...
  12. Ivanr

    E272 Red Light Dimming ?

    I wonder if anyone knows if the red light around the circumference of this modem is supposed to dim when opening or opening of a new web page? Is this a sign that the PC power supply is laging in the supply of 5 volts? Thanks in advance for any advice.