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    Covid-19 lockdown regulations relaxed to unban spectators at sports matches - within limits

    As I understand it, school sports are governed by the Department of Education, not the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.
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    Dont buy from

    My first purchase from them arrived, albeit a bit late so I thought I would be safe to make another purchase. They took my money, didn't deliver anything and didn't respond to any attempts at contacting them. I eventually sent them an email, copied to Payfast their payment provider, saying I was...
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    MotoGP 2021

    Moto2 and Moto3 run on Dunlops.
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    Post Office falling apart - can't pay bills, pensions not being paid into employee accounts

    And they don't have lots of vehicles driving around with cloned number plates.
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    Discovery Insure - Vitality drive - what a BOS UP

    They also deduct points for speeding when the speed limits they have in their system are wrong. On the N6 between Bloem and East London, I managed to have over 200 points deducted on the last trip I did when the only time I know that I was over the limit was when I was overtaking a truck...
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    POPI comes into effect on 1 July 2021 – What you need to know

    The main thing anyone with a small business needs to consider is Chapter 3, Section 19 of POPIA, which states organisations must take appropriate measures to prevent '(a) loss of, damage to or unauthorised destruction of personal information; and (b) unlawful access to or processing of...
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    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC

    One from Phakisa Freeway just outside Welkom 3 weeks or so ago.
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    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC

    Around the country. We cover most of the national and regional circuit racing as well as the national motocross championship.
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    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC

    Yes, insured as part of my business policy with all the cameras etc. Costs a small fortune each month.
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    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC

    Not for streaming for me to watch at home. Up to 8 cameras around a race track coming in, the ability to record all of them individually, put graphics overlays on, stream instant slow-motion replays of incidents and put highlights packages together to stream in between races. Commentary coming...
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    Building a R200,000 beast gaming PC

    I just spent nearly R150k on a similar machine (i9 processor, only 2 hard drives and 64GB Ram) that has yet to see a game played on it. I built it for live sport video streaming.
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    Your go to camera shop?

    Outdoorphoto in Pretoria for cameras, lenses etc. Camerastuff in Randburg for batteries, backdrops, stands etc.
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    New OS Installation - 10 Applications You Can't Live Without?

    OS: Windows 10 1. Microsoft Office 2. Adobe Creative Cloud 3. Firefox 4. Chrome 5. VS Code 6. FileZilla 7. Git 8. Slack 9. Vmix 10. AutoCad and Inventor
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    From absa to Nedbank payment made on a Friday how long to reflect

    Generally, if payment is made before about 15h30 it will reflect the following day. If after that, then the day after, so Saturday or Monday depending on what time the payment was made.
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    The PC Build Thread

    There is nothing left in my wallet to fuse after having to pay over R70k for an RTX 3090