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    How desperate are these clowns?

    Did you manage to get your balance to R0? I paid and sent proof but they have not updated the amount owing to zero R.
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    Win Amazing Hikvision Products - Enter here

    Hikvision C100 SSD Total Capacity: 1920GB MAX Read Speed (MB/s): 560MB/s MAX Write Speed (MB/s): 520MB/s 2.5-inch 7 mm thick
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    Car fast charger

    If you can wait a while, order a Blitzwolf charger from Bangood. I have several. They make a good quality product
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    Username and password for Vodacom Huawei Gateway

    USE peer DNS is ticked, tried it unticked as well. Added DNS servers as well but no luck. See the screenshots attached, no incoming traffic Techie had to use a VLAN ID to connect to the ONT. Could this be an issue?
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    Username and password for Vodacom Huawei Gateway

    Hi Guys, Finally managed to get me PPPOE details. I have setup my Mikrotik router and the PPPOE services connects. I cannot get the internet to work, I get a DNS error. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Which investment vehicles to safe for children's education?

    TFSA with overseas based ETF. I opened an account for my sons when they where born. Went with the Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity fund. Did really well and more than doubled the investments in a very short time.
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    Username and password for Vodacom Huawei Gateway

    Looks like Vodacom made some changes. I am not an expert at all with MT and need your help. The ONT is only accessible if the VLAN ID is set to 61. I can do this on my laptop but I am not able to setup the VLAN on my MT. If the MT is plugged into the huawei, the port light doesn't even light up...
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    Username and password for Vodacom Huawei Gateway

    Anyone know what VLAN ID to use for the ONT?
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    Username and password for Vodacom Huawei Gateway

    Mamba, What router did vodacom give you? Cant get this to work on the Huawei ar129. Wan port doesnt even light up when I connect the MT
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    OnePlus 8 T

    Can you tell me if wifi calling is working on Vodacom?
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    Mortymoose's Weber & Buitebraai Offerings to the HO's Gods! - You Got To Eat Your Pudding!

    Cheers boys! Entertaining year om mybb with MTI. All the best for 2021
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    Property Investment Advice

    Crime is a problem in Paternoster. Rented a home there for a weekend and all our stuff got stolen. House had burglar bars and a alarm but the managed to still break in and steal everything. Police officer told us that this is unfortunately a regular occurrence. Be sure that the estate has proper...
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    Which is the best refrigerator brand to invest in?

    I would highly recommend a bosch. We have an off grid home and have a Bosch fridge and a freezer. Had both for 4 years now, no problems so far. The electricity use is minimal, when running it uses less than 100w.
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    Favourite brand of tomato sauce?

    All gold or nothing. I keep at least 2 bottles backup
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    Makro Giveaway - Enter now and win R2,000 cash

    Canon 250D DSLR Twin Lens Camera Kit R 9,99900 You save R 2,000