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    Cricket SA instructs all Proteas to take the knee at T20 World Cup in fight against racism

    No. The government can't make whatever laws it wants to without discussion in Parliament in a democratic country. The ANC can't change the constitution without two thirds majority. Otherwise you end up with an authoritarian dictatorship.
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    Cricket SA instructs all Proteas to take the knee at T20 World Cup in fight against racism

    How can the woke sheep not see that the issue here is being compelled by an authority to say or do something with the threat of consequences, whether you believe in the forced activity or not. This takes away freedom of speech and choice which all humans should have. His political beliefs and...
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    Binance enforces mandatory KYC on all users amid mounting regulatory pressure

    Just beware that if you KYC as a South African you can no longer use the futures or margin trade options. You will also not able to sell or transfer out crypto in your margin account until debts are paid in the coin/token that was borrowed. I came close to losing half my profits from this year...
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    Beware when ordering from RARU...

    Good luck. I placed a R12K order with RARU for a graphics card in February with stock ETA end of the month. The ETA was pushed back every time for the next 4 months. when I reqyested a refund I had to wait until mid August to get my money back, after threatening worth the ombudsman.
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    SA health and business experts say vaccine misinformation has to be addressed, government must consider mandatory vaccination

    The TLDR Aspen, the only SA Big Pharma company contracted to manufacture the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is pushing for national mandatory vaccination because they only care about our health and the economy. :ROFL:
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    More like R1600 including shipping by DHL, customs + clearing fees.
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    Nandos 180 - Nando’s terminates sponsorship of Gareth Cliff's ’The Burning Platform’ after racist incident

    You can listen to the 'debate' here. That is just typical arrogant Gareth. The only reason there is such a fuss about this is because she is female and black. If this was a white woman or indian guy it wouldn't have made the news. Just another social media infection of poorblekalitis.
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    F1 2021: New season discussion and chat

    Nico Rosberg said the other day that Austin, Texas F1 is one of Hamilton's best tracks to race at and that he'll be tough to beat there. He's got 5 wins there and probably would have been more if the track wasn't skipped for the last 2 seasons. Hopefully Max can get a good start and Red Bull can...
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    A Free-Crypto Project Scanned Eyeballs of 130,000 People

    That's like in 1995 saying that nobody uses email so it's a pointless service. You don't invest in a company or stock because of what it's worth today. You invest because you believe it will have more value in the future. That said, compared to 2018's speculation there are plenty of real...
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    Bitcoin Thread

    This was a measly 10% drop after 70% growth in 1 month. Barely worth checking the charts for in crypto.
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    A Free-Crypto Project Scanned Eyeballs of 130,000 People

    Haha you're comparing things that are old and redundant to blockchain which is the latest technological evolution in finance and already disrupting banking as we know it. Decentralised finance running on crypto blockchains is the fastest growing industry of 2021. Most, clearly including you have...
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    A Free-Crypto Project Scanned Eyeballs of 130,000 People

    That's precisely a key fundamental requirement for a legitimate cryptocurrencies to have value and not be a ponzi pump and dump scam. Without time, money and energy invested in a utopian free for all crypto it is worthless. Speculation and real supply and demand now. A lot has changed since the...
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    A Free-Crypto Project Scanned Eyeballs of 130,000 People

    I get where you're coming from but you're not answering the question. By handing it out you're then giving it away to everyone for free without realising that for it to have value it needs to cost somebody something to produce. Somebody has to pay and incur a loss, otherwise you are truly trying...
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    A Free-Crypto Project Scanned Eyeballs of 130,000 People

    Ideal in Utopia, but who who foots the bill for the creation of this proper cryptocurrency and what gives it value and purchasing power? If it's created for free and given for free to everyone, where does the value come from? This kind of sounds like crypto communism. Bitcoin's and Ethereum's...
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    vaccination side affects

    No wonder most people on MyBB treat you like the class retard. Ever hear about sarcasm? I wasn't disputing anything you said. Just clarifying that as a regulatory body SAHPRA is like the FDA, primarily so everyone reading it would understand. Do us all a favour and go take a handful of ivermectin.
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    vaccination side affects

    SAHPRA is also essentially South Africa's FDA, which regulates all medicines and what we are allowed to be prescribed and treat ourselves with legally. They decide what drugs you can take to treat Covid-19. SAHPRA's latest bribe, sorry "donation" from Bill Gates was R7.5 Million agreed on just...
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    vaccination side affects

    SAHPRA is also funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and they are just helping the world right, so nobody would question their motives.
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    Bitcoin trading around $60,000, new record possible

    Candlestick closes most definitely matter when looked at in context with other critical price points over key time frames for determining the most probably outcome and price action in trading. Whether one believes that technical analysis works or not, the fact is that almost all the big whales...
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    Old Cape Town strip clubs - any memories ?

    A colleague of mine at the time was cheating on his wife with one of the strippers at The Cage. Basically all the used up strippers who couldn't get a job anywhere else landed up working there. Hole.
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    Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

    Big Pharma are just trying to help people stay healthy. CNN and even BBC says ivermectin doesn't work so it obviously doesn't work.